Republicans stand in the way of common-sense gun regulations

Posted 7 June 2022 at 6:19 pm


Congressman Chris Jacobs announced his support for some common-sense gun laws to make our communities safer. Making our communities safer so offended the Republican establishment that they demanded Mr. Jacobs not seek re-election.

Mr. Jacobs could have easily won re-election in the new 23rd district which voted for the Republican Presidential candidate by 59%. However, standing up and fighting for what is right requires moral courage, something lacking in Mr. Jacobs and his Republican clan.

However, the real story here isn’t the lack of moral integrity by Mr. Jacobs, it is the refusal of the Republican Party to even consider making our streets and communities safer. Strengthening background checks and closing loopholes would prevent criminal activity.

The Gifford Law Center reported that 80% of firearms acquired for criminal purposes were obtained through unlicensed sellers to avoid background checks. Furthermore, they reported 96% of inmates convicted of gun offenses would have been stopped with tighter background checks.

The Republican agenda is to force us into armed encampments with locked doors guarded by battle-ready forces of dubious allegiances. This is their dystopian dream. For a better future we need common-sense gun regulations.

William Fine