Republicans oppose disaster relief, critical investment in chip technology

Posted 12 October 2022 at 9:42 pm


If you think Republicans are working for your interest consider this: All of Florida’s Republican Congressional members voted against federal disaster relief. Senator Rick Scott voted no and Marco Rubio was not present.

The vote in Congress was two days after Ian, a strong category 4 hurricane which destroyed large parts of Florida and the vote in the Senate was one day after the disaster occurred. Homes and businesses were destroyed families lost everything, people are isolated without food or water yet Republicans voted against federal assistance. In public statements they call for federal monies but they voted against such aid in a mis-guided attempt to blame Democrats for poor leadership.

Congressperson Claudia Tenney, who wants to represent a large part of our district and Lee Zeldin, who wants to be Governor voted against the Chips and Science Act which provides for research, manufacturing and development of micro-chips in this country. Western New York is primed to benefit from this legislation. Republicans complain that Asia’s (and particularly China’s) manufacturing of micro-chips hurts our national security, a legitimate concern, but they voted against manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Claudia Tenney and Lee Zeldin voted against providing federal funds for infrastructure. While our roads and bridges crumble putting people’s life endanger, Republicans would rather play political gamesmanship. Republicans know the problems, remember all those “infrastructure weeks” during the last administration; lots of hoopla and hype but no substance. Republicans don’t have our interest in mind.

If you care about job creation in our region; if you care about national security; if you care about families, vote for Democrats.

William Fine