Republicans haven’t supported bills in Congress to help lower inflation

Posted 18 November 2022 at 9:19 pm


I agree with a recent letter in the Orleans Hub that concerns about inflation should not be dismissed.

It should be noted that only one political party takes these concerns about inflation serious; that is the Democratic Party. Democrats just passed legislation that will lower the cost of prescription medication, including insulin, for people on Medicare.

Included in the legislation is a provision to cap out-of-pocket expenses for beneficiaries on Medicare part D. Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 1.4 million families will benefit from this program. No Republicans voted for lowering the cost of medicine.

Democrats also passed H.R. 7606 which will allow higher-ethanol fuel blends such as E-15. Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, (R-IA), said: “Increasing our biofuel blends and transportation fuel will help to bring down the cost at the pump, and also to help replenish our fuel supply.” Increasing usage of ethanol would also support local farmers in Western New York, including in Orleans County, and support Western New York Energy, Orleans County biggest taxpayer, according to Jim Whipple, O.C. IDA former C.E.O. (Full disclosure, my wife works at WNY Energy).

Also in H.R. 7606 were provisions to help farmers lower the cost of producing food. There were grants for livestock and poultry processing, cost assistance for crop nutrients and the establishment of a task force to improve the food chain. Only 7 Republican voted for this legislation, none from the local delegation.

William Fine