Republicans are working to make voting more difficult

Posted 20 July 2021 at 8:00 am


Republicans are lying about voter fraud to suppress voters, especially voters of color. The voter suppression laws passed in states like Georgia and Texas limit polling places, hours of voting, and restrict mail-in voting.

But most sinister of all is these laws give control of election boards to party partisans. In Georgia, prior to the new law county election boards were selected by both parties. Now Republicans are removing Democrats and people of color from election boards.

In Texas the new law prohibits poll watchers from being removed even for violating election laws, (NPR reported 7/12/21). Furthermore, with the rush to pass these bill you would think that voter fraud is prevalent, you would be wrong.

In Atlanta, WDEF reported on 2/18/21 “ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – After a day of hearing evidence of election fraud in 63 cases, Georgia officials have decided to pass 24 of them on to prosecutors.” The report also stated that: “But more of the cases go back to the 2017-19 local and state elections.”

The Texas Attorney General’s web page on election integrity states that they have prosecuted 155 people for election fraud since 2005 and 43 cases pending. That is in 15 years with tens of millions of votes casts they have less than 200 cases of voter fraud. Everyone wants only those eligible to vote, to do so in safe, secure, free and fair elections.

But Republicans are trying to make voting more difficult, especially for people of color, by creating long lines where people have to wait for hours. Republicans are not pushing voter suppression laws out of concern for fraud, they are pushing these laws because more people voted and they don’t like the results.

William Fine