‘Republican entertainment industry’ gives skewed view of Russian attack on Ukraine

Posted 25 February 2022 at 8:17 am


The Republican entertainment industry and Republicans in Congress find themselves on opposite sides of the fence over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It will be interesting to see how long that will last and who will win?

Ukraine is a resource-rich country and like NATO a barrier to Russian expansion and domination. Make no mistake that this is serious stuff and it’s not a time to base serious decisions based on newsy versions of Saturday Night Live.

Putin and our fifth column press calls the US, our partners, and Ukraine Nazis and says Ukraine’s Russian speakers want to live in Russia. That makes as much sense as saying Mexicans want Mexico to take over the United States or that the majority of voters which voted for Clinton and then Biden are racist.

Fortunately, there is another news station which is hosted by a former Republican: 1) Party Chairman, 2) Former press secretary to Republican Sen. John McCain, 3) Tea Party Congressman, 4) Bush administration official, and also a former chief of staff of the Senate Finance Committee, by a former Bloomberg expert, and by Dr. R. Maddow,  an acknowledged defense expert.

It’s nice to hear from qualified quests like real historians, former US prosecutors, former CIA directors, and 3-, 4- and 5-star generals and admirals.

The Republic entertainment industry churns, bringing in viewers with drivel claiming school shootings being staged, vaccines causing us to grow horns, masks are a protected personal liberty no more effective than seat belts and now reporting a fictional version of real war.

We should be very glad real news people labor on. The Hub is news. Real news does not make as much money but unbiased reporting has been fundamental since Thomas Paine and his little pamphlet called “Common Sense” were the voice of the American Revolution.

Putin is a despot whose recent and unhinged comments demonstrate clearly he is our mortal enemy. Sadly political entertainment which supports Russia is an enemy of freedom to. At times like this find a new channel and watch the news.

Conrad F. Cropsey