Republican candidate for Congress should share his views with voters

Posted 29 January 2020 at 9:13 am


The rank-and-file Republicans were told that their candidate for Congress in the 27th district will be Chris Jacobs. Most of us, outside of Mr. Jacobs’ State Senate district, have never heard of him.

I call on him to write op-ed pieces to the newspapers to introduce himself to the citizens of the district. I would like him to address his style of governing; will he hold town-hall style meeting with constituents or will he pander only to his donors as his predecessors have done?

What is Mr. Jacobs’ view of congressional oversight? Will Mr. Jacobs seek to hold those who abuse their authority for personal gain to account, like Scott Pruitt or Ryan Zinke, or will he overlook their malfeasance like other Republicans in the Congress?

Does Mr. Jacobs support the administration’s cuts to Social Security, Medicare, S.N.A.P. and C.H.I.P while cutting taxes on corporations and increasing the national debt? How will Mr. Jacobs protect our elections from foreign interference?

Will Mr. Jacobs debate issues affecting the district with Nate McMurray? Will Mr. Jacobs hide from the voters and hope, because he has an (R) after his name, he will be elected?

William Fine