Reporter praised for supporting literacy program in Orleans County

Posted 26 September 2018 at 8:47 am


Recently I attended the OCALS Learning Services 12th Annual Dinner Meeting and saw my long-time friend, Virginia Kropf and her husband, Al, in attendance.

It brought great warmth to my heart because she was one of the first people to help the OCALS organization get started through her promotional/publicity and writing skills and also supported us as a board member of Eastern & Orleans United Way. She knew of the crisis of illiteracy in Orleans County and the lack of services being provided.

Thankfully, she attended all annual dinner meetings and wrote outstanding articles, including photos which helped to validate the work being done by OCALS.

When Virginia, better known as Ginny to her friends, said she’d attend an activity of OCALS…she didn’t fail us. Our organization appeared several times in the Batavia Daily News and also the Medina Journal-Register.

When I learned that Ginny became a reporter for the Orleans Hub … there aren’t sufficient words to express my happiness and gratitude to those responsible for adding Ginny to their staff.

We saw the beautiful article written on OCALS 12th annual dinner meeting that included outstanding colored photos of various people in attendance, highlighting everything of importance to our organization.

I am very grateful to Ginny for the terrific article she wrote about the annual dinner meeting, and to your wonderful online newsletter for helping OCALS promote its work and the cause of literacy.


Rosemarie Ruck,

Founder of OCALS