Replica sign added to historic Stone Store in Clarendon

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 22 September 2015 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers – This sign, a replica of one from more than a century ago, was added to the Old Stone Store last week.

CLARENDON – The historic Old Stone Store at the corners of Routes 237 and 31A in Clarendon continues to take on the look of its former glory.

A reproduction “Buffalo Paints” sign painted and donated by Albion artist Carol Culhane was installed last week on the upper facade above the front door.

Clarendon Historian Melissa Ierlan said a photograph of the store taken in the 1880’s, which shows the original sign, inspired her to put another in the same place. Ierlan researched the sign and Buffalo Paints in order to make the reproduction as authentic as possible.

“I tried to find an ad or a crate on Ebay,” she says, but the photograph ended up serving as the main guide. “Carol painted it last year. We’ve been waiting since that time to get it put up.”

The sign includes the name of the store’s owner at the time: George H. Copeland. He operated the store from 1843 until 1892.

Here is how the Old Stone Store looked this morning in Clarendon.

The Old Stone Store, built in 1836, served as a general store on its main floor and Ierlan says the second story was used for many purposes including a meeting room and a doctor’s office.

During the 1970’s it was turned into apartments and was vacant since 2007. The Town of Clarendon was on the verge of demolishing the building when a group of residents formed a preservation group and the Landmark Society of Western New York stepped in to help the town market the property.

In late 2013, Sue and Joe Fertitta of Hilton took ownership and have worked since that time to completely refurbish the interior into second-story apartments and retail space on the main floor. (Transatlantic Treasures opened on Jan. 3 on the first floor and sells collectibles.)

Exterior work has included a rebuilding of the front porch, reconfiguration of the front windows and door to restore the look of a storefront and repair and repainting of the trim.

The building was built with Medina sandstone, and was included on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.