Repeat winner in County Tourism Photo Contest

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 November 2017 at 7:31 pm

The winner of the 2017 Orleans County Tourism Photo Contest has been announced. Peggy Barringer of Albion took the winning photo this year – “When the Sun Goes Down…at the Point” – on Sept. 21 at Point Breeze, showing a fisherman and a sailboat in silhouette at sunrise.

Barringer also won the contest in 2016 with a photo of lilacs in bloom at Mount Albion Cemetery.

Dennis Button of Albion came in second with “Memorial Day Cemetery” at Mount Albion. Elizabeth Carpenter of Waterport was third with a photo from the top of the tower at Mount Albion, looking above the tree line towards the county courthouse in Albion. “

Judging was tough as there were 25 photographers who submitted 85 images that captured the essence of Orleans County – from rainbows & sunsets to waterways & wildlife, said Lynne Menz, the county’s tourism director.

A jury of 15 was asked to rank their top 10 picks with the following criteria to consider:

• Does the subject have a Tourism draw?Is this an interesting attraction worth travelling to? Is it current?

• Quality: Is the photographer skilled in using interesting design elements such as depth-of-field, perspective, texture, symmetry or contrast? Is this image “Magazine Cover Worthy”?

• “Only in the OC”: Is the image iconic to Orleans County or could this picture be taken anywhere?  Does it represent Orleans County’s character?

• The WOW Factor: Does the image spark a positive emotion in you?

• The I-GOT-IT! Factor: Was the photographer in the right place at the right time?

View the Top 15 entries by clicking here.

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