Refusing to acknowledge systemic racism will perpetuate injustices

Posted 1 July 2020 at 11:25 am


Recently a letter writer stated that there was no systemic racism and no white privilege. I would like to try and respond.

First of all white privilege is not something you have a choice of taking or not taking; it is something society gives you. It is hard to see for those of us born with this privilege. It just is, it is normal.

White privilege is granted to those of us who resemble people in dominant positions of society. For example, most of your teachers look like you. The history of the nation reflects white history; contributions by non-whites are less dominant.

Systemic racism is shown by the fact that given the exact financial history white people are more likely to get a loan than people of color. It also shows in employment statistics. People of color are less likely to hold corporate leadership or hierarchy of government.

Systemic racism exists in the criminal justice system with far more people of color locked up than white people. To say these things don’t exist, to close our eyes to them does not make them go away it will only make it fester and infect society.

Refusing to acknowledge white privilege and systemic racism will only perpetrate injustice. Acknowledging systemic racism and working to create equal justice benefits everyone.

William Fine