Reduce waste and consumption to help preserve Mother Earth

Posted 22 June 2024 at 3:22 pm


Noticing the beauty blossoming around us, it may be a good time to show our gratitude to Mother Earth. That Mother nurtures seeds in the womb of the ground and brings forth life—a life that nourishes us physically and aesthetically. In gratitude we should do our very best to protect this Mother.

What might we do?

• Live simply, avoiding unnecessary waste

• Reduce our consumption of meat

• Work to eliminate one-time use plastic (microplastics are toxic to humans and animals)

• Protect and conserve our water supplies

• Use our imaginations to accomplish as much with less

Why does this matter?

Earth is our habitat. If we protect it, it will continue to sustain us as a Mother for future generations.

Each of us can do a little to help. We can encourage others as well.


Sister Dolores Ann O’Dowd, G.N.S.H. on behalf of Green Orleans