REDI group recommends about $30 million in projects by lake in Orleans County

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 September 2019 at 4:57 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers: New York State Parks Commissioner Erik Kulleseid praised the local officials for identifying projects to be considered for state funding.

KNOWLESVILLE – A commission looking at projects in Orleans and Niagara counties has finalized a list totaling about $60 million in the two counties, with about $30 million for both Orleans and Niagara.

The Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative Commission met today at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Orleans County to go over the final recommendations for projects. The list will now go to the full REDI Commission, which will divvy up $300 million in funding for eight counties in the state.

State Assemblyman Michael Norris, R-Lockport, thanked the state officials and members of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s team for making the $300 million available, and for pushing to include Orleans, Niagara and each of the eight counties on the southshore.

“It will make a significant impact on our southern shore in areas that haven’t been looked at in many decades,” Norris said at today’s meeting. “We’re very, very grateful. It will make a big difference for decades to come.”

The Commission worked with municipal and business officials at Lake Ontario communities to identify projects that would protect infrastructure, businesses, cultural assets and other important community sites.

The Oak Orchard Harbor is pictured on Aug. 29. Local officials want to ensure the harbor is regularly dredged of sediment.

The group from Niagara and Orleans picked about $30 million worth in each county. (A 15 percent local match will be required for each project.)

The list includes:

Orleans County

• Hamlin-Kendall intermunicipal wastewater infrastructure, $9,053,000

• Yates Town Park, $5,372,000

• Lakeshore Road in Carlton, $2,062,000

• Ernst’s Lake Breeze Marina in Carlton, $1,853,000

• Bald Eagle Marina in Kendall, $1,560,000

• Point Breeze and Oak Orchard Creek, boat launch in Carlton, $751,000

• Public town road ends, culverts in Kendall, $654,000

• Green Harbor Campground Marina in Carlton, $554,000

• Former Crawdaddy’s Marina in Carlton, $534,000

• Public water lines in Carlton on Lakeshore Park Road West, $235,000; and Lakeshore Park Road East, $385,000

• Thompson Drive in Kendall, $131,000

• Route 237 Right of Way in Kendall, $40,000

Niagara County

• Olcott Harbor and Wastewater Pump Stations Nos. 5 and 6 in Newfane, $15,707,000

• Wastewater Shared Services in Town of Newfane and Village of Wilson, $4,461,000

• Sunset Island – East and West Barriers in Wilson, $3,446,000

• Clark Island and Tuscarora Yacht Club in Wilson, $2,458,000

• Youngstown waterfront in Town of Porter and Village of Youngstown, $2,103,000

• Olcott Beach Berm in Newfane, $1,814,000

• Townline Pier in Village of Wilson, $1,430,000

• Private property/power plant (multiple use site) in Somerset, $1,334,000

• Lewiston Landing Whirlpool Jet Boats in Lewiston, $1,214,688

• Roosevelt Beach Boat Dock in Wilson, $125,000

• YMCA Camp Kenan in Somerset, $87,000

Multiple counties

• Regional dredging management council for several harbors on south shore, including Oak Orchard in Carlton, $5 million

• Promotion of state parks in several counties

The $300 million pot of REDI funding includes $20 million for homeowners affected by this year’s Lake Ontario flooding. They each can apply for up to $50,000 in state assistance to help offset damages to their primary residences. The homeowner application period will begin Oct. 1 and will close Oct. 31.

About 200 people attended a concert at the Yates Town Park by Lake Ontario in July 2014. The park is at the end of Morrison Road. A commission is suggesting $5,372,000 to protect the site from flooding and erosion.

Assemblyman Norris urged the state officials to expand the homeowner eligibility for people who live in the houses on a seasonal basis, and not just allow funding for primary residences.

“These people pay taxes and they need our help,” Norris said.

Orleans County Legislator Ken DeRoller said the group working on the projects tried to spread out the funding to include Orleans County. He was pleased to see the list today, which goes to the state next week for a final approval. The state in October is expected to announce the projects that will be funded.

The list addresses roads that are in danger of erosion and flooding from the higher lake levels. It will better fortify marinas and water-based businesses. The Eagle Creek Marina in Kendall, for example, wants to extend jetties and redirect water away from the marina.

The joint wastewater system for Kendall and Hamlin would be near the Cottages at Troutburg and would include residences near Countyline Road in the two towns that are in danger of losing septic fields due to erosion from the lake.

DeRoller was also pleased to see $5 million put in for dredging harbors for several counties, including Orleans. The REDI group also wants to better promote the Lake Ontario fishery. The group didn’t put a dollar amount on that effort.

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