Red-nosed elk and other photos from the Santa conference in Albion

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 April 2015 at 12:00 am

ALBION – When a group of Santas has an exhibition at the Elk’s Club, the Santas are going to try to make the space their own, even if that means putting a red nose on one of the elks mounted on the wall.

Santas used the Elk’s Club on West State Street as a meeting place and also a spot for selling Santa suits, boots, belts and other merchandise. Albion hosted the Charles W. Howard Legendary Santa Claus Conference from Thursday through Saturday.

This Santa wore a red hat with a “Believe”  pin on the back. He was at Fair Haven Treasures on Friday afternoon for the dedication of an International Peace Garden.

A member of Santa’s Drill Team stands in an honor guard on the front porch of Fair Haven Treasures as part of the garden dedication.

Santa’s Drill Team includes Santas from around Tampa, Florida. They recite American history and shared about the War of 1812 during the Peace Garden dedication.

Members of the Claus Clan, a group of Santas that celebrate their Scottish ancestry, stand at attention at the Peace Garden dedication while listening to Gaines Town Justice Bruce Schmidt, who was master of ceremonies for the event.

Vern Crawford, a Santa from Center Point, Texas, snaps a photo during the Peace Garden dedication.

While their reindeer rested at home, Santas made their way to Albion with vehicles decorated for the Christmas season.

This license plate was on a vehicle at the Elk’s Club parking lot.

Tom Myers, a Santa from Washington. D.C., sits on one of the portable chairs he was selling at the Elk’s. Myers said the chairs could easily be folded up and transported.

Tim Harrison of Hopewell Junction in New York gets fitted in a Santa suit by Gwen Kirkendall of Santa and Co. LLC. The business sells Santa suits in a similar design as those sold by Charles W. Howard when he operated his Santa School in Albion from 1937 until 1966.

These Santas walk past the Orleans County Jail on their way to courthouse steps for a bigger group picture on Saturday.