Put country over politics and impeach President Trump

Posted 1 October 2019 at 8:32 am


President Trump tried to use foreign aid to Ukraine to dig up dirt on his potential political opponent. Ukraine, an ally of the United States, is involved in a shooting war with Russia.

The aid to Ukraine is needed military aid which was approved by Congress to support our ally. Using taxpayer money to extort political favors is an impeachable offense. Using taxpayer money for personal gain is an impeachable offense. Using taxpayer money to impede a democratic ally in a shooting war against an autocratic adversary of the United States is an impeachable offense.

Republicans are pushing some conspiracy theory that Vice President Joe Biden did the same thing. There are several important differences. First, Joe Biden was working with our democratic interest and European allies. Second, Vice President Biden was pushing Ukraine to investigate corruption not to squash an investigation. Third, there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Vice President Biden. If there was, the FBI would investigate, not a struggling democracy.

Chris Collins supports Mr. Trump. Collins doesn’t think using tax payer dollars to subvert U. S. foreign policies to enrich Mr. Trump is an impeachable offense. He does not think supporting an ally, a democratic ally, over an autocratic adversary is an impeachable offense. He doesn’t think using taxpayer money for personal gain is impeachable. He doesn’t think subversion of democracy is impeachable.

It is time to put country over politics. It is time to defend democracy. It is time to defend our constitution. It is time to elect new representatives. Thank you.

William Fine