Push to renewable energy sources brings many downsides

Posted 14 March 2023 at 9:10 pm


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has allocated $52 million dollars of taxpayer money to establish twelve Regional Clean Energy Hubs.

These hubs are to act as Centers of Outreach Awareness and Education. They are to promote New York State’s efforts to move to clean energy. Apparently NYSERDA has come to the realization that there is public resistance to the New York State clean energy program, hence the necessity for a propaganda barrage to “educate” the public. There are many reasons to be wary of State energy policy as actions have consequences.

The Office of Renewable Energy Siting (ORES) created under the Climate Leadership And Community Protection Act (CLCPA) has the authority to suspend local laws they deem “excessively burdensome.” This law does not protect our communities and is a threat and a power grab by unelected officials appointed by the Governor to push a political agenda.

Renewable energy programs, Solar and Wind, are absurdly called “ farms” and are having a devastating effect on local communities. Disruption of traditional farming and destruction of farmland forests and wetlands is commonplace and counterproductive. Noise and visual pollution are ever present. Health issues persist. Only a select few benefit at the expense of many. Without heavy subsidies (handouts) renewable Wind and Solar energy programs would not exist.

Viability of Electric Vehicles (EVs) comes into question as the State pushes for zero-emission vehicles by 2035 and effectively bans the sale of Internal Combustion Engine-powered vehicles.

EVs have attractive features such as quietness and smooth riding. However, they are costly, expensive to produce, extremely impractical for average use, suffer for lack of charging stations, are heavier than their Internal Combustion Engine vehicle counterparts and pose a fire threat.

Ford has recently suspended delivery of its lightning pickup truck because of “battery problems.” Also note the 2021 recall of all General Motors Chevy Bolt’s some twice, for “battery problems.”

Further, EVs require less labor to assemble and will result in a net job loss in the automobile industry. Without direct government subsidies (bribes) to the buyer and numerous other subsidies for charging stations and battery development there would be no market for electric vehicles.

In addition, the electrification of our transportation system will seriously impact suburban and rural residents as they rely heavily on practical reliable transportation.

Lithium ion storage batteries are being used to supply power when the wind does not blow, and the sun does not shine. Lithium Ion Batteries have a long history of unexplained fires.

The electrical grid is experiencing instability as reliable base load power from coal, clean burning natural gas and nuclear sources are shuttered, and solar and wind energy installations are  ramped up. This is due to the unpredictable and intermittent nature of Solar and Wind. Rolling blackouts occurred during this past Christmas Holiday in the Carolinas and a Tennessee Titans football game was postponed for an hour in a rolling blackout. The grid in New York may be next. A single source of energy is a high risk policy to pursue. National defense is at stake. Mr. Zelensky is not pleading for wind turbines or solar panels as the Russians invade Ukraine. When hurricanes and severe weather occur fossil fuels come to the rescue. Nuclear energy, clean burning natural gas and  the pursuit of clean coal must all be in our energy mix. Diversity is needed most in our energy portfolio.

The earth is warming at the present time and  humans are having an effect. How much and what can be done is debatable. Steven E. Koonin’s book “Unsettled” is an excellent resource to put climate change into perspective. Dr. Koonin is currently a professor at New York University. His qualifications include serving as Under Secretary for Science in the Obama Administration and much more. This book is well worth reading.

For future generations the outlook is problematic. Erosion of our individual freedoms will continue. Executive orders will proliferate, extremists will persist in confusing weather and climate. The government will dictate the kind of cars we drive, how we heat our homes, how we cook our food and much more. Rolling blackouts will be the norm. Subsidies will abound, public debt will continue to skyrocket and the attack on the fossil fuel industry will continue. Mountains of unrecyclable trash will litter the landscape as discarded turbine blades, solar panels and batteries outlive their useful life.

In short, socialism on the march with all its downsides.

A redirection of our State and Federal energy policies are overdue! Let us start with an overhaul of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. New York can lead the way.

James C. Hoffman