Public shouldn’t dismiss report on Russia paying bounties to kill American soldiers

Posted 30 June 2020 at 8:54 am


Fox, the New York Times and Washington Post all report that Russia has put a bounty out to pay the Taliban for killing our soldiers in Afghanistan.

All know this is the exactly the sort of thing that can justifiably start major retaliation, including war. It is not something we can ignore or it invites more and worse.

The country needs to know the level of confidence our agencies have in this intelligence. It’s confirmed we warned the British who have soldiers there too in 2019!

These services played a critical role in the chess match which brought down Communism and, according to the GOP Senate Intelligence Committee Report, discovered Russia directly interfering with our 2016 election.

These services know their jobs and we, the public, need to know if Russia has become this bold. Actually killing our boys!

Every day there are new distractions – rabbit holes I have called them – but this is too important to lose sight of or ignore. When matters are grave, tweets are not acceptable.

On this one, don’t lose sight of the need for full disclosure.

Conrad F. Cropsey