Public should be wary of Western Orleans County Comprehensive Plan

Posted 11 October 2018 at 7:57 am


I was very surprised in more than a few ways that I was the only one from the public that attended the Western Orleans County Comprehensive Plan update public hearing on Sept. 19.

I was also equally surprised that there was no media coverage from the Hub or the Daily News on this boot-to-throat piece of legislation. What surprised me the most was that there was nobody else besides myself and a room full of bureaucrats. I read today in another news source about a couple of  public hearings in Shelby where residents complained about the town over regulating them.

Guess what, by you not attending the comp update and voicing your opinions you gave them even more power over every aspect of your life and property. This update “Global Citizen” plan should have never made it out of the first hearing.

This update has sustainable development in it that comes from the United Nations. Sustainable development was written by G Harlem Brundtland, the vice president of the world socialist party, a communist and introduced to the world as UN policy at the 1992 earth summit in Rio de Janeiro. In 1995 Democrat President Clinton in compliance with Agenda 21 signed Executive order # 12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. It was introduced to “harmonize us” with UN environmental policies and directives. I’ll bet none of you, including our local politicians, know that.

This has been spoon fed by the left in our Congress to the whole country and with all the hysteria in these insane times over the environment, fools that believe in climate change, carbon foot prints, and buckle to their knees to political correctness.

The environment will become a weapon against our freedoms, properties and businesses. I was the only one who spoke out against this and there was only one person on the Comp plan board that had the courage to vote it down, but there was no coverage of it.

I hope like the dickens that you all don’t sit home on November 6th and let the Democratic Party take back control of our country or our county. Don’t vote for Cuomo. Save the Republican seat from the “Democrat” endorsed by The Working Family’s Party (Communists).  There are others choices on the ballot. Mine is Marc Molinaro. Say NO to Cuomo and his ruination of our state. Say NO to the UN Comprehensive Plan, it is coming to your Town or Village for a vote soon.

Paul Lauricella