Public safety in Albion is a big factor with investors looking at community

Posted 10 January 2023 at 2:52 pm


In response to Jason Dragon’s letter, sir, apparently you are not paying attention to the facts. Also, how can you seriously think that business and investors do not come here because of high taxes because of the police budget? If I was an investor, I would want to know that the community I’m investing in is safe.

Maybe you should request a ride-a-long on the afternoon shift with the Police. Or maybe investigate burglaries and larceny reports on the day shift? How about the midnight shift, especially on the weekends?

Try dealing with the drunks, crack heads, the heroin-addicted, coke heads or mentally ill. How about fatal accidents, suicides and homicides? And then the drunk drivers who could potentially kill our loved ones?

And all you have is to criticize our past mayor for building her and her husband’s retirement dream house on beautiful Lake Ontario? And by the way, her husband, Dale, served our community well also. He not only served on the village board, was a fire chief, and then became Orleans #1 (emergency management director), the top dog in charge of keeping us safe in case of disasters.

Other mayors have moved out of the village. Why single out her? If you don’t like the way things are, then maybe you should move out. I would be glad to sit down, one on one, to debate these issues.

Thomas O’Hearn


Retired lieutenant with Albion Police Department