Protests put police officers in danger, with 600 injured

Posted 14 June 2020 at 10:16 am


I would love for Mr. Cropsey to explain to me, a mother of a police officer, how it is when a mob is descending upon police officers they are to know which “10 or 100” are the lawless ones.

My son who had no training in mobile response was put in the thick of protests, without a shield, to have bricks, frozen water bottles, feces and urine thrown at him. He worked an 84-hour week to try and protect peaceful protesters who were screaming the most vile insults during a pandemic where we aren’t even supposed to be singing in church for fear of the droplets spreading the disease.

Liberal leaders refused to call in professional riot busters for fear it looked like a military response. Perhaps if this was done early we wouldn’t have over 600 injured police officers.

Mr. Cropsey would do well to check the facts he keeps referring to. There is a false narrative being fueled by media and liberal politicians that actually paint our hard-working, dedicated, constitution-loving police with a wide brush!

Christie Urbanik