Protestors are misguided in their complaints about America

Posted 30 June 2020 at 8:45 am


There is no systematic racism. There is no white supremacy. There is no white privilege. There is very little police brutality.

Most all of us, all colors get along fine. There is a big problem and it lays in the Democratic Party. It lays in the communities of color controlled by the Democratic politicians.

It lays in the teachings of grade schools, universities and the liberal media. The true problem is systematic liberalism and progressivism. That’s where the true racists and hate mongers hide in plain sight.

Stand up for America. It’s monuments – good or bad. Stand up for our police – they are the fine line between civilization and despotism.

Stop voting for Democrats. They are behind this and funding this destruction. Thank God NY-27 rejected “Radical Socialist” Nate McMurray. Do it again in November.

Paul Lauricella