Progressive government has been destructive to U.S.

Posted 29 March 2016 at 12:00 am


I always enjoy when Al Capurso writes letters to the editor. Like a good leftist he worships at the altar of government. Without government in every aspect of our lives nothing good would come of anything. His satirical view of the world is quite entertaining.

Al is a student of history as Mr. Obama is a Constitutional scholar (cough cough). He mentioned Roosevelt #1’s land grabs – the beginnings of the long line of abusive takings of land by the federal government in this country. The federal government is not supposed to take any more land then they need to operate, such as DC, military bases and certain infrastructure. Anything else is excessive and unconstitutional.

The land taken is staggering. Rogue agencies like the BLM wreak havoc in the West on ranchers. The recent murder of Lavoy Finicum comes to mind to remind how out of control the Obama administration is. The abuses are long.

Glad Al mentioned the Ponzi scheme called Social Security. Its intent like all great liberal do-gooder intents was to aid one to not have to work forever, and also to help out the widow. At that time the life expectancy was around 60 to 62 years old. Now its 80. You had to reach 65 to collect. The government was betting that most would not live that long. Social Security is paid for by those who have worked.

Medicare is run by HHS and funded by the US treasury AKA taxpayer. Obamacare is running it into bankruptcy. Unfortunately there are now only two workers for every recipient and the system is long bankrupt with an empty box of IOU’s. I doubt I will ever see a dime.

There are to many abusing SSI and it has strayed from its original intent of helping the old, retired and disabled. That can be attributed to vote-pandering leftists.

The Food Stamp program has created a slave-like dependency on the government. It also keeps the peasants from revolting, watching, or asking questions. Look what Johnson’s Great Society did for the blacks trapped in this system. Took fathers out of the home, rewarded out-of-wedlock births and enslaved generations to poverty, illiteracy, drug and crime-infested neighborhoods, hopelessness, bitterness and a chip on their shoulder.

We have spent 700 billion dollars on the war on poverty, Al. 47 Million people are on food stamps in Obama’s great growing economy. Millions out of work not even counted anymore. Al you got to love Liberal progressive good intentions.

What was it Al that brought our country to ruins? Was it Slick Willy’s repeal of the Glass Stegall Act ? I think that’s what it was. Along with the progressive race hustlers pressuring the banks to make loans to unqualified recipients. Not only to buy a home but then again to furnish it, buy new cars and extend credit. What were the banks to do? Besides the federal government guaranteed the loan. W Bush warned Barney Frank about Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, that collapse was coming. Barney, the good progressive he was, lied like all of them do, mostly to themselves.

It was Republicans that stood up for equal rights. It was the Democrat Party and its members that did everything they could to stop the advancement of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement. Your guys, Al.

Maybe soon Al you can go to Cuba and have your picture taken with Castro in front of the same building with murderous thug Che Guevara in the background. Just like your wonderful President Obama. Maybe you can hold your “I Support the NY SAFE ACT” sign as it would be most appropriate in a communist country.

Sorry Al I have to drink and breath too. Love Clean air and water. The EPA is out of control and goes way beyond what is necessary to maintain a clean environment. There is nothing in the Constitution that says there has to be an EPA. It should be closed. We already have powerful state DEC’s for our protection.

Sorry Al the bailout was a mistake. No one should have been bailed out. Not the auto industry, the banks, Wall Street, the Rothschilds or Rockefellers. Had a correction been allowed to take place the economy would have recovered by now which it still has not in many sectors. What did cash for clunkers do for the working man except raise the price of a used car and destroy a whole fleet of useful automobiles. By the way Al where did that 700 billion dollar stimulus go exactly?

Al, your guy progressive Senator VP Joe Biden was the one who made it adamant that no justices should be appointed in the lame duck session of a presidency. Your savior Obama voted against Justice Alito’s appointment in W’s lame duck.

Progressives are one election away from completely destroying everything good this country has stood for. A hundred years of plotting and planning are within hands grasp. It could all be lost and rolled back by a Trump or Cruz. I am hoping and praying your side loses, for the sake of the country. By the way we live in a Representative Republic and I would like to keep it.

Evil Right Wing Extremist

Paul Lauricella Jr.