Progress on many fronts, despite no Republican cooperation on important issues

Posted 3 October 2022 at 7:29 am


“Fascism” (as distilled by political philosopher Dr. R. Maddow): “If a politician does not need your vote to hold power, they do not have to use power to serve you. A party and laws serving the needs of politicians and their donors is the fundamental on which fascism is built.” Fascism starts as a shell game whipping up fear and hatred to distract us while grabbing power.

Hitler distracted Germans by whipping up hatred of Jews. Mussolini did it by blaming  foreigners.

Our MAGA’s shell game relies on a broader coalition: focusing on a questionable wall rather that the 2012  comprehensive bipartisan plan to control our borders and enact immigration procedures we know work. Spreading rumors of ruling cabals. Whipping up racism – slavery was poor racial labor conditions in Florida text books this year. Spreading the KKK myth of white replacement theory. Claiming Democrats are blood-drinking pedophiles. And within the last month playing QAnon music and pandering to its myths at Trump rallies.

This shell game hides that long overdue problems are getting addressed. Things you wanted that got passed over Republicans’ objections even though they have no proposals of their own but instead pic, pic, pic.

We finally have: A jobs bill to fix decayed infrastructure. A bill to bring jobs home and create new jobs. NATO defense budgets are being dramatically raised by our partners. We have united support of Ukraine’s successful resistance to Russian invasion.

The developed world is ready to stop large international corporations from cheating us out of tax revenue. And next year our drug costs will be coming down as Democrats have put an end to manufacturers’ price fixing.

It took Roosevelt a few years to refocus the power of capitalism to create a middle class so we, the middle class, in turn could turn our agriculture nation, ranked 20th, into the world’s economic powerhouse.

Roosevelt had to fight the old “Robber Barons” the whole way. Their progeny fight now after setting us back by sending too many jobs overseas, enacting too many tax cuts heavily biased for the rich, and encouraging this shell game of fear mongering.

Now – despite Covid, Chinese chip shortages, a major war in Europe, people afraid of freezing this winter in England, and no Republican cooperation – we have the lowest rate of inflation in the western world and the lowest unemployment rate this country has ever seen!

It will take two or three election cycles to stop self-interested politicians’ and their bosses’ power grab to nullify the popular vote.

The Democratic Party is still small “d” democratic. If you are frustrated but believe in capitalism and democracy, remember Roosevelt (D) and Eisenhower (R), among others, proved democracy and capitalism can be harnessed to work for you.

Vote for yourselves – not because you are told to be afraid of something in the dark.  Those that say that ARE dark.

Conrad F. Cropsey