Pro-life activist, 18, inspires crowd at Orleans

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 8 June 2015 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

LYNDONVILLE – Lia Mills, a prominent pro-life activist, addresses 250 people during the 12th annual banquet for the Care Net Pregnancy and Family Center.

Mills, 18, is a university student in Canada. She rocketed to fame as a 12-year-old when her mother posted a 5-minute YouTube video of her daughter speaking against abortion (click here). That video now has over 2.6 million views.

Mills talked about that speech on Friday when she addressed the Care Net supporters at the White Birch Golf Course. Mills said her teacher urged her not to discuss abortion. But Mills felt strongly about the issue and she said she felt God prompting her to make the speech.

“When God asks me to do something, I say yes,” she said. “I’m ordinary but I serve an extraordinary God. God can and will use you. God wants you to be willing.”

Mills has become a sought after speaker against abortion. She said abortion doesn’t empower women. They are often coerced to have abortions by boyfriends, Mills said. There are underlying issues, such as poverty, that often compel women to abort, Mills said.

“If we want to be about choice and about empowering women, you need to alleviate those external factors,” Mills said.

She urged the group to be advocates for life, to be a voice for unborn children.

And she urged the group to be bold in their faith and be open to where God may be leading them.

Mills also addressed students at the Orleans County Christian School in Medina on Friday morning and Saturday evening was part of a youth rally at the Oak Orchard Assembly of God in Medina.

The Care Net Pregnancy and Family Center of Greater Orleans provides free ultra-sounds, pregnancy tests, sexually transmitted infection testing and resources to families in crisis. The center is located in Albion at 111 West Ave., across from McDonalds.