President’s Covid response has been grossly inadequate, with no pushback from GOP

Posted 21 November 2020 at 9:30 am


Several letter writers have stated that Trump’s opponents blame him for the coronavirus. Let me be clear: no one is blaming Trump for the virus, just his response to the virus.

President Trump, his administration and Republican sycophants have politicized the pandemic making sound health policies, such as wearing a mask, much more difficult. The administration has abandoned its responsibility leaving it up to the states to fend for themselves.

Hospitals and nursing homes are still struggling, after 10 months, to have enough PPE, staff members are exhausted and there is no help from the federal government.

However, this administration could not achieve this level of malfeasance without the support of Republicans like Congressman Chris Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs thinks that the administration, with 250,000 deaths and counting, is doing a good job.

Today, we see cars lined up for miles in modern bread lines, and refrigerated trucks lining up outside of morgues. Main Street is a ghost town and even Thanksgiving is threatened. These are the results of policies that Mr. Jacobs supports and praises.

We need leadership. It is time for Mr. Jacobs to put aside partisan politics, study the problems and find solutions that work for Western New York.

William Fine