Presidential primary set for April 28 in NY

Staff Reports Posted 16 September 2019 at 10:48 am

New Yorkers will vote in the presidential primary on April 28. That is sooner than usual in the presidential primary schedule, but not as early as Gov. Andrew Cuomo had hoped for.

“Although I believe that New Yorkers would be better served, and more empowered, by a presidential primary occurring earlier in the year, I recognize that certain national political realities prevent the state legislature from passing legislation to accomplish that goal,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Therefore, in light of the State’s interest in an orderly election administration process, and out of concern for the uncertainty that would likely ensue if I were to veto this bill, I am signing this bill.”

The governor wants to see a combined primary for the presidential, federal and state races. That would mean moving those primaries up from June.

Cuomo is asking the State Legislature to move up the federal and state primaries to align with the presidential primary, which he said would save $20 million and result in a bigger voter turnout.

“At least 15 other states have a single combined primary for presidential, federal and state races, and it is time for New York to do the same,” Cuomo said. “Sadly, New York has at times lagged behind the rest of the nation in terms of voting laws and voter accessibility.”

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