President would rather party than confront Covid-19 pandemic

Posted 7 July 2020 at 8:33 pm


Sadly our National July 4th holiday was used as a political distraction – a campaign event. I hope you personally had a good time. I did at my home.

But hospitals in Houston ran out of ventilators and ECMO machines. Doctors had to choose which young people to try to save. This was no surprise but was studiously ignored and buried during the President’s party.

The July 3rd speech was from Mount Rushmore. The Sioux Nation was trashed by Donald because they opposed him coming there. But, by God, our Supreme Court in the harshest of terms held 8-1 that Mount Rushmore is on Sioux land! And, unlike you or me who are graciously invited to visit whenever, President Trump – no friend of theirs – was told not to come.

The Sioux message was who cares about minority rights. Similarly, every US citizen or group who has dared question Donald’s leadership was demeaned in that speech with slurs. If you paid attention he added a whole litany of things Democrats aren’t to the 2016 lists when Obama, Clinton, and immigrants were the enemy.

Oddly, did you hear white supremacists or the Boogaloo movement – they carry very real AK 47s – which is preparing for a second civil on that list. NO you did not.

On the  4th, as the ventilators ran out, we got a lesson in theater of the absurd. Donald told us 99% of Covid is not serious. (We all wish that true for his Secret Service agents, advance people, daughter-in-law to be, everyone! But factually it is a lie! There are 130,000 dead.) Does anyone think a US President did not know Texas was melting down or no one told him!

The Texas situation was hidden while Donald partied with his fan club but that was not where the very big, huge, bad news stopped!!

Congress also learned from the Health Industry Distributors Association that by the end of July we may not have enough hospital grade masks and PPE for all the red states. Of course the red states cheated while we were locked down! But they are people too and the Presidential order to produce PPE in volume and set up the supply lines direct to hospitals never went out! Never went out!! There were repeat reminders which were ignored.

These national and red states failures are going to slow down New York’s recovery. We copied Europe which proved a total lockdown continent-wide works! How many times do you have to take the exam Donald? You did not read Obama’s pandemic plan. You say you did not read your briefing that there were bounties being paid on US servicemen.

If it were you or me the law is that recklessly endangering people by ignoring a grave risk or death and proceeding nonetheless is Murder 2. What should it be for Donald and the gutless red state wonders (oops, governors)?  Shouldn’t New York business get a bonus for your incompetent management team extending our pain?

As you know with Ebola and Swine Flu it’s the President’s legal responsibility in a National Emergency to have a national response strategy – that includes procurement and production.   This failure to break the beast’s back is Donald’s fault and not any political opponent’s fault.

From the start the July 4th campaign events were a ploy to avoid dealing with COVID and the bounty on our soldiers which the “Fox News Division” confirmed.

What our National weekend demonstrated was that citizens’ lives are secondary and you better not ask intelligent, informed, questions or you will be on the list.

To be very blunt here these emergency powers of his are so vast I actually wonder if Donald is more apt to use them to interfere with one or more stages of the election between now and when the electoral college votes to throw the election. I wonder if that why he assumed them only to not use them and let things get worse. It a terrible thought. But it fits.

Some Fourth of July. Get real Donald. Our nation’s leader is following all his whims but he is not saving lives or doing anything that makes life better in poor rural America. It’s all pandering to make everyone think he has really helped life for those making under tens of millions a year.

Nothing about the man is plausible and he spent the national holiday gaslighting us as another state’s hospital system crumbled and people died without a word of sorrow.

He knew.

Conrad F.  Cropsey