President Trump, Republicans make public safety a priority

Posted 5 September 2020 at 8:48 am


I was not going to respond to Mr. Fine’s recent letter rebuking my previous letter but believe several of his “points” need clarification.

First and foremost, Mr. Fine again indemnifies Governor Andrew Cuomo for New York’s ills and instead places blame on President Trump. Why is it, Mr. Fine, that New York ranks 33rd of the 50 states in job growth in 2020 according to Kiplinger? Did President Trump cause this? Is Cuomo again not held accountable for “his” state’s failings? If so, then surely Trump gets credit for the 32 states doing better than us.

Is it also President Trump’s fault that New York suffered the greatest population loss in the nation from 2018 – 2019? Or was it “the weather” as Mr. Cuomo tried to tell us. Perhaps the fact that New Yorkers carry the highest tax burden in the nation played a part. And this of course does not even include the multitude of hidden taxes referred to as “fees” and “surcharges.”

I thank you, Mr. Fine for informing me that “it has always been illegal to loot, rob or destroy property and despite the Covid-19 inconvenience those activities are still illegal.” My question to you sir is how do you explain the dramatic and sudden increase in extreme violence and criminal behavior that is happening every night in the democratic led cities with so few arrests?

Men, women, and even children are being slaughtered. Could it be that the “representatives” that you point out are elected time in and time out have pulled enforcement capabilities out from under the various law enforcement agencies? Is cutting law enforcement budgets by as much as 1/3 a factor?

I would submit to you that stating it is “reasonable to assume that Democrats are providing services and delivering safe neighborhoods better than Republicans” is a self-serving statement that is proven wrong daily – by those pesky FACTS again. Is not Orleans County Republican run? Were not the protests held in Medina and Albion indeed peaceful? (And more likely to start a conversation?)

When was the last time a toddler was struck and killed by a stray bullet here?

You continue with “The Trump administration has blatantly violated the Hatch Act and subjected the American government to bribery for the benefit of Mr. Trump.”

I ask for facts to back this oft thrown about statement. There is, in fact, a stipulation in the Act that specifically exempts the President and Vice President. The left has been calling President Trump a criminal since before he took office. Four years later, despite Pelosi and her party still throwing everything they can think of toward Trump to see what sticks nothing has – or will. Donald J. Trump is still our President.

I think it was Mr. Cropsey that mentioned a “fear of socialism.” Yes, socialism scares the hell out of me.

In closing, I am certain that the Orleans Hub does not provide this open forum in which opinions can be shared and debated to devolve into a constant back and forth between a few individuals. I will therefore not respond to your anticipated rebuttal. Throw at me what you will to see what sticks.

I stand by my conservative views. I would much rather support capitalism and all its shortcomings, the rule of law, and a belief in One Nation Under God than allow a system that has proven to destroy nations throughout history to destroy this one. I have children and grandchildren. And a conscience.

Bob Harker