President Trump is a bully who is hurting the country

Posted 23 June 2020 at 8:08 am


We have Mr. Trump in the White House and it seems that many of  his appointees (which he says are top of the line) seem to get replaced or wind up in jail.

Strangely, it usually happens right after they disagree with him. When they disagree they are called liars or he doesn’t know them or they are just out to get him. He is the first one to point the finger at someone else but never admits wrongdoing  himself or the wrongdoings of the people who agree with him, no matter what.

He attacks our military leadership, gold star families, true heroes and now he is attacking  the judicial system at the highest level (the court he has appointed the 2 justices to).

He seems to think that he knows more than the top medical experts of the world, he calls people weak and dumb for not agreeing with him.

He does everything he can to stop people from speaking to the crooked things he has done. That is not a leader, that is a bully. The office of president is the first time he has ever served our country in any way, never in the military, never as an office holder in any government, he has served only himself his entire life.

Oh, and while I am at it, when did being anti-fascist become a bad thing? I seem to remember a war we fought against fascism, a war where we lost thousands of great men and women. To me being anti-fascist is being American.

I agree we need change in our country, but Mr. Trump is not proposing the change we need. His policies have caused severe unrest in our country and have cost us the respect we have had from the rest of the world.

It’s time to stop and think about it. Please get out and vote!

Harvey Campbell