President Trump has country on right track for economic prosperity

Posted 27 October 2020 at 9:15 am


It is very disheartening and disappointing to read  letters from individuals, some previously considered to be very respectable and intelligent, who now appear to be so badly deceived and denying the truth of facts readily available to anyone seeking the actual truth of the matters we are facing in the upcoming  election.

I find myself agreeing with many of the tenets espoused by the Republican who has disavowed President Trump, but only on principle: stop watching and formulating an opinion from mainstream media (fake news), rejecting political labels, having an open mind, seeking out the facts, don’t blindly adopt the opinions of others, expose media manipulation, etc.

Yet I still must ask myself, “Where on earth did this writer conclude that President Trump hates the military and rejects family values?” Yes, the President despises what “government institutions” have become: corrupt, treasonous, untrustworthy, self-serving, haters of freedom and all things good and patriotic.

This has been called “the swamp” or “deep state.” These parts of our government have been working to destroy American values and freedoms and need to be exposed and brought down. As a  political outsider, the President has brought America to the greatest level of economic prosperity the world has ever experienced.

If the virus had not been released from China, our economy would be at a level never seen before in history. Despite the pandemic setback, President Trump has brought our economy back again and it is now only being constrained by leftist socialist state governors and mayors who want the economy destroyed in order to embarrass the President.

What sources has this opinion writer used to conclude Biden is not a socialist? Listen to his own words, confusing though they are, as he describes his “plans for America.” If you want actual facts and truth, go to the “Democrat Party 2020 Agenda” which Biden and Bernie Sanders both signed and agreed to.

Take the effort to find the truth, as my wife and I did recently. It is long, 110 pages, and will take you 90 minutes to read in its entirety. We barely could sleep that night after reading it. If Biden is such a moderate, then why has he picked one of the most radical socialist advocates as his running mate, who most certainly will take over as President once Biden steps aside?

The Bible says “My people (God speaking) are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Those who sincerely seek the truth will find it. Those who refuse to seek the truth will remain ignorant and be happy to do so. As for me and my family, we want the real truth.

Wayne Lemcke