President Trump deserves support in fight against ‘power play’

Posted 9 December 2019 at 6:49 pm


It is not fair that our NY Congressional District 27 has no representation in the House of Representatives in this time of political power play against the President of the United States of America.

I voted for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. I see and hear the political party of opposition speak of up holding their Oath of Office and the Constitution of the United States and know that they are guilty of violating US 18 Code sections 241, 242, 2383 & 2384; mismanaging taxpayer money, weakening the United States’ borders, weakening the United States economy, and ruining the standing of the United States’ image and its President´s image to the rest of the World.

The Constitution of the United States is clearly written and is understandable. Only people of opposition lie and claim they do not understand the contract. I do understand the contract. The President of the United States of America needs support of the American people.

I am on a campaign to get him support and show the party of opposition that it made a tactical mistake in its mission to ruin America. For I believe that many Americans feel like I do. To those I say the time is now to join up.

I know many of New York’s fighters have moved out of this mismanaged state. We that are left can not waiver. We must fly are banners of freedom. We must send letters and emails of disapproval to the public employees that forget we are the bosses. We must call the switchboards and comment centers and remind them they work for us.

I see only one choice to fill the vacant NY Congressional District 27th seat. A man who stood in support of President Donald J. Trump. A man who has worked and has cut spending. Stefan Mychajliw is that guy. NY does not need someone whose voting record shows weakness, fear and complacency.

The President of the United States needs a fighter. The United States needs someone who can do math and knows how to cut taxes and spending. Stefan Mychaliw is that American. NY needs someone who defends all civil liberties and Civil Rights – not just the popular ones.

America needs and deserves a Constitutional believing Congressman. Stefan Mychaliw is a living example of America. The world should see that the American voter can make great choices for the job of helping to run and improve the United States of America.

In closing let us ban together and vote for the best, while supporting our president.

Steve Colon