President is seeing country through pandemic, Democrats’ double standards

Posted 12 May 2020 at 10:12 pm


I know that any time I write a letter it is going to draw out of hiding the ire of those with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

That is why I slap my knees while I’m writing thinking who will be the next leftist that peeks up from under the rock. This time it is Mr. Ballard. Mr. Ballard claims that I sound like a propagandist for North Korea. I love my country and I love President Trump. How you prove my point at how a liberal sees everything backwards.

By the way where were you when the “Messiah” was shredding the Constitution and running our economy into the ground? Not to mention the 8 years of blaming Bush for his failures.

I will agree with you that we are led by the worst of the worst and I will include some Republicans that side with Democrats. But by far it is the Democratic Party, the ideology you seem to embrace that has brought more destruction, poverty, perversion, and misery to the world. It seeks totalitarian control of the institutions and citizenry of this country and to the world in general.

The wealthiest corporations that leftists complain about are those that embrace leftist ideology. Facebook and Google, to name a couple. More people have died under far left wing control in the world than all of the world’s wars.

I agree that those senators that sold their stock should have to resign and go to jail like Chris Collins. But that won’t happen because Democrat Feinstein is involved. The Democrats will never allow her removal. I don’t expect much. You have seen how backwards the standards with Democrats are between Kavanaugh and Biden on the sexual assault charges? Probably not. Fake News.

The left wing media lies. They get their order of lies from Pelosi and all parrot the same talking points. She admits this. Is proud of it. This President actually stands up to them and their inflammatory questions that have nothing to do with news of the day. Liberals are not treated like this. The “Messiah” was never attacked, never asked hard questions. Given a total pass while he ran roughshod on the Constitution and the country.

It’s not the Presidents fault peoples’ 401ks are down. Our economy was roaring. Not in NY due to liberal policies but around the country. Blame China for its lies and secrecy. The Democrats in Congress are in control of the appropriations and put in all kinds of unrelated pork not related to Covid-19. They also held up the distribution of the piddly $1,200 checks to Americans.

The do-nothing Democrats will pay a heavy price for what they have done come November 3rd. Future generations will be paying this off for the next 50 years. The student loan lending was taken over by the “Messiah.” The banks have been out of it for years. Blame Democrats for that one. Blame the liberal education system that tells everyone they have to go to college to obtain a worthless liberal arts degree. Blame big education for the cost. They rob the taxpayers and the students blind. No one wants to touch that.

People will be back to work soon. No one in this country can be turned down for care. Hospitals are going broke because people are staying away. Yes, Mr. Ballard “God forbid” we talk about Universal Basic Income. “Messiah” appointee Andrew Yang ran for president on that and it went nowhere like him. Bernie too. We are a capitalist society not European or Globalist. You must be one of those millennials the future is fearing.

The Republicans in the House and Senate are finally acting like they are supposed to. On the other hand, the Democrats have descended to the lowest form of humanity. Thank God President Trump is on the job during this pandemic. The left will never give him credit but come election day he will be re-elected and Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House.

We should be concentrating on unleashing the economic stranglehold on our area and the need to get back to work. My condolences to the families affected by this pandemic. Unfortunately everything is political and when people engage in political debate the ball will keep rolling. I do enjoy debating those with TDS.

Paul Lauricella Jr.