President is leaving a wake of destruction for the country

Posted 30 October 2020 at 8:32 am


As in his personal life, Trump’s driven US into deep debt (and Illness). Current targets: the Vote and Post Office.

As former GOP strategist and Bush appointee, Rick Wilson, entitled his book, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”  Very harsh and maybe not everything.  But … 4 bankruptcies, hurting and destroying many subcontractors, investors, workers.

He has 28 major business failings, with the same trail of destruction. He couldn’t even make it at gambling and selling booze.

He has a record of dodging taxes, fines, debts, commitments, the Army, marriage, family responsibilities.

He’s apparently personally $400 million in debt.

Now, he’s driven this country into unbelievable debt (with no discernible plan to change things) and with huge tax cuts that further enriched the super-rich.

He’s polarized genders, races, police, religions, classes, the military.

He defies scientists and his own advisors. He gambled on Covid, choosing business over health, and failed both. Just like he did in Atlantic City, now he’s failed not only business, but lives as well.  We’re 1/5 of both deaths and cases in world, but we’re only 1/18th of the world population.

Now he’s attacking the vote and the U.S. Postal Service.

He’s hampering voting, using a $20 million fund to sue states trying to make voting safer, especially for elders.

He’d crush the US Postal Service, started by Benjamin Franklin, with 245 years of service. another show of disrespect for elders, and voters, and history.

Maybe Wilson is right: Everything he touches dies, or kills? And worse, he doesn’t seem to care.

Bob and Marg Golden