President has been negligent with Covid response, putting country in peril

Posted 8 December 2020 at 1:51 pm


Many here have recently diagnosed one another with one political ailment or another ranging from “Democrat/Progressive Mental Disease” to “Delusional Trump Syndrome”.  And now (when we thought things couldn’t possibly get more absurd) increasing evidence of conservative “E-double-D” (Electile Denial Dysfunction) seems rampant.

It appears some people out in Orleans County have their masks strapped on a little too tight. Let’s talk serious illness.

Sick: AIDS. Since the very beginning of this epidemic 40 years ago, nearly 700,000 people with AIDS in the United States have died. Still, after spending billions upon billions of dollars and despite the collective efforts of the greatest scientific minds on Earth, there remains no vaccine. Today approximately 13,000 people with AIDS in the United States die each year joining over 32 million already dead world-wide.  Have we learned nothing?

Sicker: Covid-19. As of this writing, nearly 300,000 Americans have died of Coronavirus since this newest biological threat has been first identified. It has taken less than 10 months. In just this past week alone there have been more than 1.2 million new cases of Covid-19 in the U.S. with over a week to go until the first official day of winter. Pretty impressive for a hoax don’t you think?

Sickening: Our President. Since losing the election Donald Trump (in nothing more than a middle school sore-loser-hissy-fit) has responded to this public health emergency how? By blowing off a critical G20 meeting on Covid vaccine preparedness in order to play golf!

Followed by yet another manic tweet rant to Republican state officials in an attempt to formulate yet another corrupt conspiracy. The hope was to convince party weaklings to collectively violate their oaths by coercing existing or even changing state electors to those who would favor overturning our, yes OUR, democratic election.

Wait – I thought Donald Trump was the first to whine that election rigging is “not cool and so unfair”? How unfortunate that Chris Collins (an expert in election manipulation himself) couldn’t be available to help out due to an ongoing “previous engagement”.

It was little more than two months ago when Trump publicly stated in conservative media: “I was in pretty bad shape” following his own diagnosis with the disease. Think about that. This guy not only knows better, he knows better up close and personal.

The most guarded human being on the planet couldn’t even protect himself and negligently risked exposure to his own family and others. Now think about this: astonishingly, Trump hasn’t even met with his own Covid-19 Task Force in nearly six months! I mean, what the lame-duck is up with that?

Sickest of all: Us. What if this had been something really scary?

Like Ebola, Marburg virus or even a completely new lethal pathogen that kills in hours or days instead of weeks? Something where we wouldn’t have time to bury the dead let alone whine about toilet paper or argue about wearing masks?

The fact that there will soon be a vaccine when nearly half the country still thinks our elected leaders have properly done their jobs means simply one thing: that we have dodged a bullet.  This time.

Meanwhile, this butcher’s bill rises exponentially and out of control with barely a whimper from Republicans elected to serve their constituents.

Tom Graham – Albion High School ’78