President gave campaign speech instead of State of the Union

Posted 5 February 2020 at 11:17 am


Last night on national TV I witnessed one of the most amazing performances ever by the world’s greatest scam artist.  Unfortunately, the “speech” will be interpreted by a large number of gullible viewers as having been presented by the most wonderful president we’ve ever had.

I’ll leave the number of misstatements spoken to the statisticians and record-keepers but I marveled at how the speaker capitalized on his audience by appealing to their emotions on subjects that are important to us all by having gathered citizens who have been affected on such matters.

He devoted a large part of his talk to the black residents, since they’re predominantly Democratic, and introduced at least four members of the audience who received special recognition and “favors.”

Members of the military in attendance seemed to react coolly to references about their bailiwick.

In my opinion, this presentation was a campaign speech, not a State of the Union address.

I pray that I’m mistaken about the number of witnesses who were “taken in” by this talk and that more voters are savvy enough to see through this charade and recognize the presenter for what he is.

Joseph A. Gehl