Praise for Holley officials for efforts to rehab old high school building

Posted 20 November 2017 at 4:10 pm


I was happy to see your November 15th article about the Village of Holley seeking grant funding to assist in the rehabilitation of the old Holley High School.

I have long hoped that this building would be transformed into something that would be an asset to Holley. The plans for Holley Gardens apartments and new Village offices are a great solution to what is currently a detriment to the Village.

I have toured another previously dilapidated building, the old Eastman Dental Dispensary, which was transformed by the same developer into a beautiful apartment building. I hope to see another such transformation take place in Holley.

Perhaps readers didn’t take note of the request for letters of support for RESTORE NY funding. When seeking grant funding, showing local support is vital and the way to do this is by including many letters of support with the grant application. I urge everyone to write to Mayor Brian Sorochty and express support for this funding. It is helpful if you include why the building is important to you and your hopes for its future.

I applaud the Village for pursuing a solution to the old Holley High School and urge local residents to add their voice by sending letters to the Mayor.


Erin Anheier