Police will help everyone, even those who disrespect them

Posted 1 September 2022 at 8:15 am


I’m surprised that in Mr. Dragon’s letter of August 15 he felt that it was odd that the overwhelming support of police came from proud Republicans carrying their signs.

I’m wondering if Mr. Dragon has been living under a rock the past few years ignoring the dangerous anti-police rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party and a huge call by these same Democrats to defund the police.

Mr. Dragon’s ignorance is then supported later in his letter by claiming that soon police would only answer 911 calls placed by Republicans. Police are called to serve and protect ALL citizens.

During the BLM riots my son was a police officer who was assaulted with frozen water bottles,  feces, urine and rocks.  A woman who pelted him with these things and screamed in his face that he should die, later called 911 because BLM had destroyed everything in their path including her car.

When my son responded she recognized him as the officer she had assaulted earlier. She sarcastically said, “I suppose you won’t help me.” As my son was trained to do he professionally got her the help she needed without even considering her total disrespect the entire evening, just as 99 percent of our hard-working police officers would do.

I am so proud of my son and am thankful for the officers who serve our country in a thankless, dangerous profession made even harder by attitudes like Mr. Dragon. Perhaps next year he could join the parade with a sign stating that Democrats support our wonderful police.  Since that doesn’t really fit their agenda and pandering I doubt that will happen.

Christie Urbanik