Police treated Trump supporters who stormed Capitol differently than BLM protestors

Posted 7 January 2021 at 12:48 pm


Imagine if yesterday’s protests (riots) in Washington, D.C. had been BLM, LGBTQ, or Muslim citizens protesting a proposed travel ban? Rest assured that no security police would be holding the doors while patting them on the backs as they rushed in to seize the Congress of our democracy.

Further, I can guarantee that there would be no smashing of windows, no plundering of government and public property or the looting of historical artifacts. Nor would there be long guns hailed among the portraits of our Founders, no profane screaming in the rotunda or even posing for a selfie in Nancy Pelosi’s office.

How do I know? Because there would be a river of American blood flowing down the Capitol steps instead.

I guess one man’s thug is another man’s patriot.

Gotta love those Trump conservative values.

Tom Graham – Albion High School ’78