Planners want more information on Dollar General project in Kendall

Courtesy of Orleans County Department of Planning and Development: The proposed 9,100-square-foot store in Kendall could look like this, according to this image submitted to the Town of Kendall.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 February 2017 at 10:02 pm

KENDALL – The Orleans County Planning Board voted to send back a referral seeking the board’s support for a new Dollar General in Kendall.

The board met this evening and determined the application needed more information, mainly with the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Planners wanted to see Dollar General’s plan for how stormwater will be handled.

Dollar General said stormwater would be treated on site and released to an existing drainage ditch. However, the company needs to submit a SWPPP.

Until that is done, the layout of the site for the building and parking lot can’t be fully determined because the drainage issues aren’t completely resolved, members of the Planning Board said.

“What is presented could change,” said Planning Board member Kirk Myhill of Shelby.

He said he supports the project, a new 9,100-square-foot store on Route 18, near the Kendall Road intersection. The new store would be across the road from Greenwood Cemetery.

The Dollar General would be owned by Primax Properties/Bohler Engineering MA of Albany. It is looking to build the store with 36 parking spaces at 1873 Kendall Rd., land owned by Walter Steffen.

Primax Properties wants to use 1.9 acres for the project, which would include the store, parking lot, access, lighting, landscaping and utilities.

The store would be on Route 18, about 300 feet west of Kendall Road (Route 237). The Kendall Elementary School is about 600 feet north of the proposed site. It is located in a General Business District.

Once the uncertainties with the drainage plan are resolved, the board said it would support the project.

“The SWPPP could affect the drainage and then the layout of the property,” said Tom Keeler, a board member from Barre.

The board voted 11-1 to send the referral back to Kendall for more information. Terry Brown of Carlton was the lone nay vote against sending it back to Kendall.

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