Plan 2014 needs changes after disastrous results for property owners along shoreline

Posted 6 February 2018 at 9:19 am


I agree with Mr. Remley that everyone is entitled to their opinion. There is a big difference between the word fact, i.e. water freezes at 32 degrees F, and science which uses study and theory to develop a temporary conclusion. Science is not a fact.

President Obama did not write Plan 2014 but he signed off on it or gave his approval. It seems apparent that the enviro groups and shipping industry had the sway in Plan 2014. Extending the shipping season and 64,000 acres of marshland had more clout then individual property owners and their concerns.

I appreciate the opinion of the two professors mentioned but there are thousands of land owners who have watched and studied the lake every day and know that something was major league different in 2017. Climate change has been going on since the beginning of time. Although it has come a long way weather science cannot predict the weather tomorrow absolutely.

If Plan 1958D kept Lake levels artificially high, as stated in his letter, then Plan 2014 was 37 inches above the normal which was already high. Mr. Remley stated that Plan 2014 allows for a more reactive posture in the face of dangerously high-water levels. If that is true then they failed miserably. The IJC continues to fail with Lake levels almost one foot above last year comparing January 2017 with January 2018.

In a summary memo written by IJC co-chairs Gordon Walker and Lana Pollack titled “New Plan 2014 Protects People, Environment and Economy on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River.” Everybody interested in this subject should read it. Three particular statements in this summary are interesting. (1) After 16 years of scientific study the IJC was moving forward with Plan 2014. (2) Plan 2014 is a modern plan for managing water levels and flows on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. (3) Under Plan 2014, the most extreme high-water level on Lake Ontario is expected to be about 2.4 inches higher the under plan 1958D – That was a pretty bad guess.

Plan 1958D was started in 1963. That is 54 years of climate change. We have had rain, snow, drought, hot, cold and even a small amount of flooding – but nothing like 2017. I have wondered what happened to Plan 1958 A, B, C? I think plan D was an improvement and that we should see a Plan 2014A so last year is not repeated.

I think it depends on where you live to determine if your front yard is important. This is a major issue with property owners who have or will pay thousands of dollars to keep their front yards. Property owners and politicians from both sides of the Lake tried to be heard before Plan 2014 happened and were dismissed. I appreciate the County chairwoman standing with the property owners.

Ray Watt