Photos from the flooding in Orleans County

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 27 July 2020 at 9:45 pm

Provided photo: This photo shows flooding in Knowlesville late this afternoon after several inches of rain fell between Middleport and Albion near Route 31. The National Weather Service in Buffalo said Albion and Medina both received at least 5 inches of rain.

Heather Conley sent in these photos of kids swimming in the flooded lawn in front of the former Towne Primary School on Bates Road in Medina.

Photos by Tom Rivers: Proctor Brook by the Cobblestone Museum on Route 98 in Gaines was flowing high and up to many of the historic structures at the museum.

Proctor Brook flooded over its banks and inundated the front lawn with water at the Cobblestone Museum.

This fire hydrant on Route 98 in Albion is nearly under water. This hydrant is near the Faith Alliance Church.

Jessica Allen took this photo of her flooded backyard on Caroline Street in Albion

Lauren Ballard took this photo of a swollen Sandy Creek near Brown Street

Photo courtesy of Renee Miens: Culvert Road, where a tunnel goes under the Erie Canal, was flooded.

Photo courtesy of Connie Kelley-Warner: This yard and driveway vanished from all the rain this afternoon on Redwood Avenue at Oak Orchard Estates in Albion. “It’s a river running through the back gardens

Aaron Vosburgh sent in this photo of his flooded backyard Butts Road in Albion.

Photos by Ginny Kropf: A motorist sends water flying on East Center Street in Medina. A Village DPW truck was parking in the middle of the street in front of a flooded manhole cover.

Heavy rains caused the lake in Lakewood Village to overflow its banks. Neighbors said they have never seen the lake overflow before. The lake overflowed after at least 5 inches of rain.

A section of Genesee Street in Medina north of the railroad tracks was closed late Monday afternoon due to flooding.

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