Pennysaver, Orleans Hub publisher sees lots of hope during pandemic

Posted 30 March 2020 at 11:44 am

By Karen Sawicz, Publisher of and Lake Country Pennysaver

As we drafted our community message regarding the current COVID-19 crisis, it occurred to us that perhaps we might offer a different kind of message.

Rest assured, we at Lake Country Pennysaver and the are working at all of the prescribed actions to reduce density and protect our team, their families and our community. As a business, we have found the resources provided by Orleans County Public Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (click here) to be helpful.

Aside from that, we really wanted our message to be a little dose of hope in times where it seems to be in short supply:

• Focus on positive news. If you are tracking the spread by some dashboard somewhere, start using one that shows recoveries, now at more than 150,000 and counting. We like the one provided by Johns Hopkins (click here).

• Have faith in your community. Never underestimate human potential for compassion. Use that as a foundation that we will all get through this together!

• Be that faith in your community! Try and reach out to those around you, particularly the most vulnerable. A simple check-in phone call or reassuring words can go a long way for the elderly or a scared child. If you have extra (be it food, supplies or even cash) think about sharing with somebody who has little or none.

• Don’t panic sell. Since the dawn of the stock market, recovery has come 100 percent of the time. Check with a finance pro before any big change.

• Don’t panic buy. Our great country has the strongest food and vital goods supply system in the world. It’s not going anywhere.

• Support impacted businesses. Order out from your favorite restaurants and pay your gym membership. Buy online or gift cards from local shops. We need all these folks to be in business when this is over.

And lastly, remember this simple, yet powerful fact:

• A wave and a smile still work from six feet away!

Wishing you that spirit today,

Karen Sawicz and your friends at the Lake Country Pennysaver and

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