Pencille has shown dedication to community, opposition to quarry in Shelby

Posted 12 September 2017 at 7:42 am


This is addressed to the voters of the Town of Shelby. I read Mr. Houseknecht’s campaign ad in the Pennysaver today. I saw nothing about his education only his job experiences. I also was confused as to how he stands on the stone quarry issue.

The Shelby residents have been working very hard, led by Wendi Pencille for 11 years, to stop this quarry from being built on a country road next to the swamps where endangered birds visit every year. All Mr. Houseknecht said was he was going to tackle this. Does this mean he will work to stop this as this is what the Shelby residents want, or will he promote this change to our quiet country living?

Wendi Pencille has made it very clear how she stands on this. She is a very caring person who volunteers to take in sick and injured animals and rehabilitates them back to wellness so they can be returned to environment. As President of the Medina School Board, Wendi was able to work with people to keep our school taxes from increasing. I know she will do the same as Supervisor of the Town of Shelby.

Wendi graduated from Cornell University School of Agriculture. Wendi attends the town meetings on a regular basis so she knows what goes on in our town. How many town meeting has the other candidate attended in the past? We need someone committed to the job. Let’s really make a difference and vote the most qualified candidate for The Town of Shelby Supervisor.

Shirley Printup