Patriotism is more than waving a flag in a parade

Posted 21 September 2020 at 7:12 am


Mr. Harker questioned my patriotism stating: “If only all Americans could feel the patriotism exhibited that day. Including you.”

I want to respond. I am a combat Vietnam veteran, I put my life on the line for my country. Has Mr. Harker ever heard the screaming of dying buddies on the battlefield, because I have? Has Mr. Harker ever held his dying lieutenant while the medic tries to save his life, because I have?

I’ll gladly compare my DD-214 with Mr. Harker’s any day of the week. Patriotism is much more than puffing out your chest and waving a flag parading down Main Street. It entails serving your country.

In terms of traditional American values. President Trump has lied about the coronavirus putting millions of American at risk. Lying is not a traditional American value. Congressman Chris Jacobs supports those lies. I support traditional American values like telling the truth. I urge voting against Chris Jacobs and President Trump. Thank you.

William Fine