Patriot Trip includes a stop in Gettysburg

Staff Reports Posted 18 September 2014 at 12:00 am

Provided photos

State Assemblyman Steve Hawley is leading 100 veterans and their family members on the seventh annual Patriot Trip. The group had a busy day of travel, but did stop in Gettysburg.

Veterans, including John Hucknall of Albion, sitting in center, visit Little Round Top at Gettysburg. These rocky hills are the site of an unsuccessful assault by the Confederate troops against the Union on July 2, 1863.

This bronze statue shows Gen. Kemble Warren, the Union general who fought off the Confederates during the Battle of Gettysburg. He is known as the “Hero of Little Round Top.”

The Patriot Trip is heading to the nation’s capitol to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery for the laying of the wreath ceremony for Korean veterans, the Pentagon, and a Sept. 11 Memorial. The group will also meet with Hawley’s son Cooper, an attorney with the Republican National Committee.