Pastor urges opposition to governor’s surrogacy legislation

Posted 24 February 2020 at 3:23 pm


As our governor unveils his priorities for the coming year, we should all be concerned about the effects his progressive ideology will have upon our communities and the values we embrace. In particular, Governor Cuomo’s paid (“contractual”) surrogacy legislation will make the womb of vulnerable women available for rent.

His upcoming campaign deems this a “right.” In fact, it is no right at all, but rather one’s preference. If this type of legislation passes, not only will it dangerously and offensively objectify women, it will also produce a legal path to rent a womb for the purpose of bearing children.

As a pastor for many years now, I have seen the damaging effects of social experimentation upon families, especially children. This type of legislation is not progress, it is problematic on many fronts.

May our citizenry rise with courage and protest this unwise legislation. We must insist upon moral clarity from our elected representatives. Renting wombs and murdering unborn children is not healthy for society, it is abhorrent.

Our children desperately need the elders of our community to speak with the “common sense” our governor so often mischaracterizes when promoting his agenda. Please join me in loudly protesting this kind of progress by contacting your elected officials today.

Pastor Steven Pawley

Shelby Center

Pawley is pastor of the Antioch Anabaptist Church in Shelby Center