Parade draws big crowd to Kendall

Posted 12 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Photos by Sue Cook – The Kendall Foremen’s Carnival continued Friday with a parade drawing many community groups. The Lawn Chair Ladies were among the performers. The carnival continues today.

The White Sabres drumline marches in the setting sun. The bugle and drum corps is from Dansville.

By Sue Cook, staff reporter

KENDALL – Kendall was a popular place Friday evening as crowds lined the street from the elementary school to the fire department on Kendall Road. The parade started as the sun was getting low in the sky.

The annual carnival is held by the Kendall Fire Department and each year there is a much-anticipated parade on Friday evening accompany the festivities.

The East Battalion consists of Clarendon, Holley, Fancher Hulberton-Murray, Kendall and Morton.

Vietnam veterans led the parade. The crowd stood and clapped or saluted as the men walked by.

Cars were a part of the parade. Seen here is a Chevy Chevelle.

Assemblyman Steve Hawley connects with a future voter.

State Senate hopeful Gia Arnold also walked in the parade handing children sweets.

The White Sabres color guards show off their moves.

A young woman rides her horse at the head of the group from Lone Oak Stables in Kendall.

Kendall Marching Band entertains the crowd as they move toward the judges.

Head Over Heels Acrobatics and Dance wore their costumes to pass out candy. Many of the girls also did acrobatic acts of handstands and cartwheels.