Niagara Sheriff’s Office starts virtual neighborhood watch program
Posted 7 May 2021 at 10:28 am

Press Release, Niagara County Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti

LOCKPORT – Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti is pleased to announce the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office has joined Neighbors, which is Ring’s app-based Neighborhood Watch program.

The Neighbors app has the ability to alert users to crime and safety events within a radius of up to 5 miles of their home, and allows them to share videos or information about crime and safety events in their neighborhood anonymously.

The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office will view what local residents have posted publicly to Neighbors, and can now chime-in with relevant crime or safety alerts to help residents stay informed.

Users do not need a Ring device to join Neighbors. Anyone with a smartphone can download the Neighbors app in order to receive updates, and have the option to post narratives, photos, or videos from their device. Neighbors app users may choose to share tips or video recordings when the Sheriff’s Office utilizes the Video Request feature, while seeking information relevant to an investigation. These videos or still images from your home security cameras would be shared privately with the Sheriff’s Office, and the length of the video is entirely under the control of the Neighbors user.

“Neighbors will allow the Sheriff’s Office to quickly reach out to our community during important investigations,” Sheriff Filicetti stated. “Requests for surveillance video and witnesses will occur at the click of a button, saving our investigators both time and reducing the need to physically walk door-to-door searching for evidence. Neighbors is an excellent way to continue our Neighborhood Watch initiatives within our community.”

The Neighbors app is available for free on all major application stores. Neighbors does not replace the need to contact law enforcement when a crime occurs. To file a report regarding an incident, residents must contact the Sheriff’s Office at (716) 438-3393 or 911 in an emergency.

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Retiring Albion fire chief also commended for 50 years with AFD
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 May 2021 at 10:12 am

Photos by Tom Rivers

ALBION – Harry Papponetti, left, was presented with several citations and gifts on Thursday during the Albion Fire Department’s 2021 installation meeting. John Papponetti, Harry’s son, is also Albion’s assistant fire chief.

Harry Papponetti stepped down as fire chief on May 1 after three stints as chief over 16 years. Papponetti has been a line officer with the AFD for 49 out of his 51 years as a firefighter.

John Papponetti presented his father with a display of an American flag on burned wood that also included a family photo from 1998 of Harry with his children – Scott, Steven, John, Sarah and Jimmy. The flag includes a clock with the number 50 and the three stripes represent Harry three tenures as fire chief.

He will continue in the department’s leadership as the chief engineer, overseeing all of the apparatus, including fire trucks, air packs, hoses and equipment.

John also presented his father with an AFD jacket and a new helmet shield with Harry’s number, 121, and his new title of “Chief Engineer.”

Assemblyman Steve Hawley presents a citation from the Assembly to Papponetti for his 50 years as an active firefighter. Papponetti was to receive the citation last May but the department’s banquet and installation dinner was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Orleans County Legislature Chairwoman Lynne Johnson, far right, also presented a citation from the county to Papponetti, who received the recognition inside the Albion fire hall.

He also received citiations from Albion Mayor Eileen Banker and her husband Dale Banker, the county’s Emergency Management Officer director. Dale Banker presented the citation from the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York.

The other firefighters stood up to commend Harry Papponetti for his 51 years of service. Papponetti thanked the group for their commitment to training and responding to motor vehicle accidents, fires and other calls for the department. Last year there were 445 calls.

He said he is grateful he joined the department 51 years ago and was fortunate to know so many mentors. The most difficult part in recent years has been going to funerals of many of his long-time friends who served with the AFD, Papponetti said.

“Everytime we have a funeral it’s hard on me because I grew up with that person,” he said.

Papponetti also thanked his family and acknowledged their sacrifice with him missing so many dinners and events due to his commitment to the fire department.

Papponetti said the fires were more frequent and more destructive when he started as a firefighter. There weren’t many smoke detectors back then to give an early detection of a fire.

He used to bolt out of class in school when the fire whistle sounded, and then go back to class when the fire was put out.

“When you heard that horn blow it was a structure fire,” he said.

Rob Conner Jr., 39, is Albion’s new fire chief. Conner has been with the Albion Fire Department since he was in the explorer post when he was 16.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid,” Conner said about being a firefighter. “It has taken a lot of time and hard work.”

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Albion middle schoolers create virtual time machine experience for musical
Posted 7 May 2021 at 8:33 am

Show explores golden age of radio

Photos and article from Albion Central School

ALBION – This year has been a challenging one in many ways, but that hasn’t stopped the Middle School theatre department from bringing a musical to our community.

This year, the Middle School Drama Club chose to develop its own virtual production under the leadership of Director Carrie Kozody and Assistant Director Kevin Feder. Together, with their creative team (Kamie Feder, Samantha Flansburg, Greg Martillotta, Kevin Smith, and their Middle School students), they created a virtual time machine experience, exploring the golden age of radio entertainment.

“It is our pleasure to bring this performance to you and it is our sincere hope to be back on the stage for you in the fall,” Kozody said. “But, until then, the show must go on! We hope you enjoy our theatrical exploration.”

The title of their show is “Up and Down the Dial…A Radio Timewarp.” The show takes the listener on a virtual trip back in time to the days when radio was the main source of entertainment as, by the end of the 1930’s, nearly 83% of American homes had a radio in the living room. Through the use of the radio, parents and children alike crowded around the set to hear the latest version of their favorite show. Families could enjoy comedy acts, dramas, or “live” musical performances. Many of the programs promoted “old-fashioned” American values while the stories provided people a model to live by.

Keeping this in mind, the Middle School group chose seven scenes to share in their theatre production. These scenes range from children’s stories (It Could Always Be Worse) to comedy (Who’s on First) to family favorites (Father Knows Best) to Big Band selections played by the Middle School Jazz Band.

Through this experience, the group has learned about the programs that children and adults tuned into for entertainment, about the products that were popular at the time, and how the idea of the “sponsor” was born. The stage crew took a special interest in learning about the sound effects table and the sound engineers, who were needed to develop the sound effects necessary to help a listener to create a mental image of what is happening in the story. Such sounds could include a window opening and closing or the sound of boots walking upstairs, to name a few.

Additionally, the group learned that the use of radio was an excellent way to unite communities of people, even if only remotely, a concept that has become all too relatable as we continue to navigate challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Up and Down the Dial…A Radio Timewarp” will be available for viewing on the School Youtube channel the week of May 10 and will be free of charge.

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Food distribution program extended locally through end of June
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 7 May 2021 at 8:02 am

The schedule is set for the food distribution program on Fridays through the end of June.

The Office for the Aging in Orleans County works with Community Action of Orleans & Genesee, the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Orleans County, and the Calvary Tabernacle Church in Medina on the distributions.

People often line up in vehicles by 5:30 to 6 a.m. for the distributions that are scheduled to start at 8 to 8:30 a.m. There are usually 300 boxes of food each week, but sometimes there are more. People are encouraged not to block driveways while they are waiting.

Anyone interested in volunteering can call the Office for the Aging at (585) 589-3191. Volunteers in particular are needed for the distributions in June.

The schedule the next two months includes:

  • May 7 – Orleans County Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4-H Fairgrounds on Route 31 in Knowlesville
  • May 14 – Community Action Main Street Store, 113 South Main St., Albion
  • May 21 – Orleans County Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4-HFairgrounds on Route 31 in Knowlesville
  • May 28 – Community Action Main Street Store, 113 South Main St., Albion

  • June 4 – Orleans County Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4-H Fairgrounds on Route 31 in Knowlesville
  • June 11 – Community Action Main Street Store, 113 South Main St., Albion
  • June 18 – No distribution
  • June 25 – Ridgeway Fire Department, 11392 Ridge Rd., Medina
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New Covid cases reported today include 7 in Orleans, 11 in Genesee
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 May 2021 at 4:57 pm

Orleans and Genesee counties today are reporting a 18 new Covid-19 cases in the two counties, for a total of 8,109 since last March 2020. That includes 2,962 in Orleans and 5,147 in Genesee.

In Orleans County there are 7 new positive cases reported today and they are in the West Region (Yates, Ridgeway, Shelby) and Central Region (Carlton, Gaines, Albion, Barre). The individuals are in the age groups of  0-19, 40s and 50s, the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments said.

Orleans is reporting 13 more of the previous positive individuals have recovered and been removed from the isolation list.

There are 2 residents from Orleans County currently hospitalized due to Covid.

In Genesee County there are 11 new positive cases reported today and they are in the West Region (Alabama, Darien, Pembroke), Central Region (Alexander, Batavia, Bethany, Elba, Oakfield) and East Region (Bergen, Byron, LeRoy, Pavilion, Stafford). The individuals are in the age groups of 0-19, 40s, 50s and 60s.

Genesee is reporting 13 more of the previous positive individuals have recovered and been removed from the isolation list.

There are 5 Genesee residents hospitalized due to Covid.

National Nurses Day – Today is National Nurses Day. Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued this statement:

“Throughout the Covid crisis our nurses have been on the frontlines caring for New Yorkers and helping to keep us safe, at times putting their own health at risk for the rest of us. On this National Nurses Day and throughout National Nurses Week, we recognize the extraordinary contributions nurses have made – we could not have made it over the mountain and through the darkest days of the pandemic without their dedication, compassion and resiliency. We are eternally grateful for their service, so if you see a nurse today or this week, please stop and say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.”

Statewide Data: The statewide Covid-19 positivity rate dropped to 1.27 percent yesterday, the lowest since October 22 with 2,585 positive tests out of 203,644.

Western New York’s 7-day average positivity rate dropped to 2.82 percent yesterday. The positivity rate in every region of New York State has now dropped below 3 percent for the first time since November 5, 2020.

“As we make progress defeating the COVID beast and the numbers continue to come down, we are incrementally reopening our economy based on the science and the data,” Cuomo said. “We will get past Covid, but only if we do it together, so we need every single New Yorker to do their part and get vaccinated so we can begin to recover, reimagine and rebuild.”

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Organization seeks to honor fearless GLOW women
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 May 2021 at 2:17 pm

BATAVIA – GLOW Women Rise is seeking nominations for their 2021 Grit Awards, which are given to women in the community who exhibit tenacity, fearlessness, and spirit in advocating for an underrepresented group in the GLOW region.

There are no age requirements for nominees. This year’s award winners will be honored during the second annual Empowerment Forum, which will be held virtually on Saturday, June 5.

“According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of ‘Grit’ is firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger,” said Dorothy Avery, president of the organization. “GLOW Women Rise believes that definition is exactly what it takes to stand up and go on public record advocating for or against a cause, issue, or group of people.”

Avery, a Bergen resident, said the group seeks nominees from the rural counties of Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming.

“It is intimidating to stand up for something you believe in when most community members have the opposite opinion,” she said. “We believe these women are to be celebrated and honored because where would we be without voices of dissent? Where would we be without Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Ella Baker or Ruth Bader Ginsburg? It is easy to stay home, be anonymous behind a keyboard and let someone else do the heavy lifting.”

Sara Vacin, left, and Alexis Hellerman won the debut “Grit” awards last year from GLOW Women Rise.

GLOW Women Rise would like to honor 2 or 3 people, depending on the number of nominations received, Avery said. The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 14th. To nominate or to memorialize someone, check or then go to

The inaugural GLOW Women Rise winners in 2020 included Alexis Hellerman and Sara Vacin. Hellerman last year was a 16-year-old junior at LeRoy High School who served as the president of LeRoy Pride and Allies Official Club. She is a board member of GO Out! and is the Student Advisor who also leads the Youth Committee.

Vacin teaches at Genesee Community College at the Batavia campus and in the Attica Correctional Facility College Program. She is the first full-time person at GCC to work on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The second annual Empowerment Forum on June 5 will feature keynote speaker Tamara L. McMillan, an author and award-winning lecturer. The forum also will honor women from the community who passed away in the past year.

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Route 31 bridge in Knowlesville will close May 11 for about 6 weeks
Posted 6 May 2021 at 11:35 am

Press Release, NYS Department of Transportation

KNOWLESVILLE – The New York State Department of Transportation is advising motorists that the bridge carrying Route 31 over the Falls Road Railroad in the town of Ridgeway is expected to close Tuesday, May 11, to accommodate construction that includes bridge deck repairs, joint replacement and slab reconstruction to enhance safety.

The bridge is expected to be closed to traffic through the end of June. A signed detour will be in place for motorists to use Route 98, Route 31A, Route 63 and Route 31. Local roads near the bridge will be accessible during construction. This is the bridge just west of the Orleans County 4-H Fairgrounds.

Motorists are reminded that fines are doubled for speeding in a work zone. In accordance with the Work Zone Safety Act of 2005, convictions of two or more speeding violations in a work zone could result in the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license.

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Medina will do parking study of downtown as demand expected to increase
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 May 2021 at 10:44 am

Village will take overall look at parking after request for ADA parking spot by Bent’s Opera House

Photos by Tom Rivers: As Bent’s Opera House prepares to open its doors to the public, following a major restoration of the building, the owner of the site has requested a designated ADA parking space in front of the building, near the traffic light on Main Street.

MEDINA – The Village Board is going to review the overall parking availability and layout in the downtown after a request for an ADA-designated parking spot on Main Street in front of Bent’s Opera House.

This would be the fifth ADA spot on Main Street, north of the Center Street intersection. However, the other four spots are a block or more away down the street.

Bent’s is expecting to draw big crowds for a new restaurant, events center and boutique hotel. Bent’s has a designated spot behind the building on Proctor Place.

Bent’s Opera House would like the parking spot on the left to be designated as an ADA spot for people with mobility issues. The lines for the spot would need to be painted blue with a sign near the curb noting the parking space.

But that is far for people to walk with mobility issues or who are in wheelchairs, said Charlie Spencer, project manager with LeChase Construction, which has worked more than two years on the restoration of the Bent’s Opera House.

Spencer requested the ADA spot last week during the Village Board meeting. Board members said there would likely be backlash from other Main Street businesses who don’t want to see another spot be designated for handicapped accessible only.

Owen Toale, a trustee on the board, said the spot would be good for Bent’s and for Medina. However, he said some people will see another ADA spot as a net loss of one parking spot in a downtown that has been on a resurgence in recent years.

Spencer said the parking spot will be a net gain for Medina, putting one near the four corners where the two biggest roads intersect.

Not having a spot there will be a turnoff for many people who come to Bent’s and other attractions in Medina, but can’t park  close to their destination, Spencer said.

“There are handicapped people coming to this community,” Spencer told the Village Board. “There is a need for it.”

Trustee Jess Marciano said she took an informal count of vehicles with handicapped accessible tags and said there were far more than she expected.

Lionel Heydel, the chef for the new restaurant to open at Bent’s, also attended the meeting. He Bent’s will have heated sidewalks during the winter, providing a “clean sidewalk” that will be less likely to be slippery than other sidewalks.

The ambitious restoration of Bent’s is nearly complete. Roger Hungerford has led the development of the project.

“I’m thinking the opera house will bring in a ton of people into the village,” Spencer said. “We want to be welcoming to everyone.”

Mayor Mike Sidari said the demand for parking is a good issue for Medina to wrestle with.

“A parking problem is when you have nobody parking on Main Street,” Toale said.

The Village Board opted not to decide on the ADA parking spot yet for Bent’s, until looking at the overall parking availability in the downtown, including the municipal lots and on-street spaces.

The mayor said the public may also need to adjust its expectations and be willing to walk a little farther. He said when people go to the mall or the big box stores, they walk far from the lot to the store, and they have to move through cavernous interiors of those buildings.

Bent’s also is paying to put pull-off spots on West Center Street by Bent’s where people can safely exit and enter vehicles by the building. Those spots aren’t for parking, just for quickly dropping off or picking up passengers for a vehicle.

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Kendall school budget increases taxes 1%
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 May 2021 at 9:15 am

KENDALL – The Kendall school district is proposing a $19,980,729 budget for 2021-22 that would increase taxes by 1 percent.

The budget represents a 13.5 percent increase in spending or by $2,377,133, up from $17,603,596 in 2020-21. Of that increase, $1,550,762 is due to the debt service for a capital project and that payment is covered with state building aid, Julie Christensen, the district superintendent, stated in Kendall’s school newsletter.

The other $751,371 is an increase in operational funding for a district with 200 employees.

Kendall’s budget raises taxes by $49,155, from $4,915,501 to $4,964,656. Kendall is projecting a tax rate of $16.07 per $1,000 of assessed property for property owners. That is down from $16.48 in 2020-21.

“We anticipate all programs and services, extracurricular activities, funds for 1:1 devices and staffing ratios will remain consistent with pre-COVID-19 patterns,” Christensen wrote in the district newsletter. “We are very pleased to provide the opportunity for five days of instruction and no budgetary reductions during such uncertain times.”

Kendall’s budget is 74 percent funded through state aid. The district is receiving a $237,034 boost from the state in operating aid or Foundation Aid, which Christensen said is the first increase in that category in several years.

Kendall district residents will vote on the budget from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on May 18 at the Kendall Elementary School Gym, 1932 Kendall Rd. Eligible voters need to be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old and a resident of the district for at least 30 days immediately prior to the vote.

Besides the budget, residents will vote on Proposition No. 2 – Transportation Bus Reserve Fund Usage. Kendall is asking for permission to purchase transportation vehicles to replace existing vehicles in the transportation program of the district, at a sum not to exceed $250,000. The district said there will be no additional taxes with this proposal.

Proposition 3 is the election of a five-year term board member. There are three candidates for one five-year term. Charles Patt, the incumbent, is seeking re-election. He works at the Kendall Town Highway Department and owns Patt Bros. Farm.

The other candidates include David Warren, a parts manager for Auto Zone and retired manufacturing engineering manager, and Bob McGregor, a retired state corrections officer.

For more information on the Board of Education candidates, click here.

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Medina’s community yard sale returns June 5
By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 5 May 2021 at 8:13 pm

MEDINA – Medina Lions have made the decision to go ahead this year with their community yard sale, flea market and chicken barbecue.

The event, which had to be canceled last year due to Covid, will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 5.

The day features numerous yard sales throughout the Medina community, and a flea market and chicken barbecue at the Olde Pickle Factory at 711 Park Avenue.

The format has been changed to observe Orleans County Health Department guidelines for Covid. Vendor spaces will be appropriately spaced further apart. Any potential vendor may still reserve a 20’ x 30’ space for $10 by contacting organizer Sherry Wheatley at (585) 735-5135.

Residents wishing to advertise their yard sale in a special brochure must call the Lake Country Pennysaver to purchase an ad. The sales will be printed on a map, which Lions’ members will start handing out on the four corners downtown at 8 a.m.

Chicken barbecue tickets may be purchased for $12 from any Lions member or by following the instructions on their website and clicking on the chicken barbecue link. They may also be ordered by called Jim Hancock at (585) 590-1248 or Tim Moriarty at (716) 417-0079. Dinners will be available from 11 a.m. until sold out. Those not picked up by 1 p.m. will be resold.

Proceeds from Lions’ events help them support many community endeavors, such as Powder Puff baseball, food kitchens, YMCA, eyeglasses for the needy and many other charities in Orleans County.

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Albion awarded $388K Main Street grant
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 5 May 2021 at 5:51 pm

State funds will cover up to 75% of building renovations

Photo by Tom Rivers: Main Street in downtown Albion is shown this afternoon.

ALBION – The Village of Albion has been awarded a Main Street grant from the state that will pay up to 75 percent of building renovation costs in the downtown business area.

The village will be holding a meeting 6 p.m. on Monday at The Lockstone, 160 North Main St., for interested property owners to hear more about the program.

The target area for the grant includes both sides of North Main Street between Orchard Street and West State Street, and West Bank Street from North Main Street to North Liberty Street. Attendees should call the Village Office at (585) 589-9176 to confirm their attendance at the meeting.

The grant is for $388,192 and that includes $311,079 for building renovations, $47,613 for streetscape improvements, $25,000 for administration and $4,500 for architecture, engineering and environmental costs.

The project is expected to include 8 residential units and 24 commercial units. Property owners will need to state their interest in the grant, and submit a description of their projects with quotes for the costs. J. O’Connell and Associates in Clarence is administering the grant for the village.

The village has formed a committee that will review the proposals and select the grant awardees. The committee will also decide how to divvy up the streetscape grant. Those upgrades may include new benches, trash receptacles and trees.

Natasha Wasuck, owner of The Lockstone, was able to rally interest from several building owners in the grant application.

The meeting on Monday will provide an overview of the grant. Property owners who didn’t show interest in the initial application aren’t shut out from the process. They can now submit a project and see if it is picked by the committee, which will use a scoring system in ranking the projects.

The renovation projects can include grants up to $50,000, with the grant not to exceed 75 percent of the project cost.

Renovation projects that provide direct assistance to residential units may also award an additional $25,000 per residential unit, up to a per building maximum of $100,000 and not to exceed 75 percent of the total project cost, according to the NYS Homes and Community Renewal.

Eligible uses of funds:

  • Health and safety improvements – fire alarms, sprinklers, fire escape repair, correcting code violations
  • Accessibility improvements – ramps, elevators, widening entryways, automatic doors
  • Energy efficiency improvements – insulation, HVAC system upgrades, water-conservation improvements
  • Facade restoration – preservation projects, reopening storefronts, removing solid security gates, signs, awnings, re-pointing brick, window repair
  • Residential improvements – convert vacant upper stories into apartments, correct code violations, update existing apartments
  • Prepare commercial spaces for tenants – drywall, electrical, plumbing

Ineligible uses of funds include acquisition, new construction, demolition, capitalizing on a revolving loan fund, improvements to churches or religious structures, improvements to municipally-owned buildings and general maintenance.

The state also forbids using the grant for non-permanent fixtures, furnishings, appliances, electronics, security systems and business equipment. Recipients also can’t use the funds for site work or ancillary activities including septic systems or laterals, grading, parking lots, sidewalks, landscaping, fences or free-standing signs.

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New Covid cases today include 12 in Orleans, 11 in Genesee
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 5 May 2021 at 4:33 pm

There are 23 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported today in Orleans and Genesee counties, bringing the total in the two counties to 8,091 since last March 2020. That includes 2,955 in Orleans and 5,136 in Genesee.

In Orleans County there are 12 new positive cases reported today and those cases are in the West Region (Yates, Ridgeway, Shelby) and Central Region (Carlton, Gaines, Albion, Barre). The individuals are in the age groups of 0-19, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

The Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments said 10 more of the previous positive individuals in Orleans have recovered and been removed from the isolation list.

There are currently 2 residents from Orleans County hospitalized due to Covid.

In Genesee County there are 11 new positive cases and they are in the West Region (Alabama, Darien, Pembroke), Central Region (Alexander, Batavia, Bethany, Elba, Oakfield) and East Region (Bergen, Byron, LeRoy, Pavilion, Stafford). The individuals are in the age groups of 0-19, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

Genesee is reporting 9 of the previous positive individuals have recovered and been removed from the isolation list.

There are 5 from Genesee currently hospitalized due to Covid.

From the Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments:

• The GO Health COVID-19 Events Notification Form is to be completed for any events, social gatherings over the NYS maximum social gathering limit.

Responsible parties are to report events/social gatherings over the state’s maximum social gathering limits, no less than 5 days prior to the event. The notification form is available by clicking here.

• To check for vaccination providers click here.

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Company looks to fill 200 jobs in Albion
By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 5 May 2021 at 11:23 am

ALBION – A company headquartered in Geneseo is looking to fill 200 positions in Albion at 231 East Ave., the building that is also used by CRFS.

Coast Professional Inc. is hiring for up to 200 customer service jobs for call center representatives and managers. They will field inbound and outbound calls. Coast officials said the pay will be at competitive “Service Contract Act wages.”

The start date for some of the positions is as soon as May 14. Most careers at Coast include a health and wellness compensation package with medical, dental and vision benefits, life insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, referral bonuses, and Paid Time Off (PTO), including vacation, sick, and federal holidays, the company stated in a news release

“We are excited to bring more job opportunities to Albion and the surrounding areas and to become an integral part of this community,” said Michele Malczewski, the company’s chief human resources officer. “This achievement represents Coast’s resiliency, dedication to our overall company mission, and further solidifies our future growth trajectory.”

Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate U.S. citizenship and pass a federal security clearance background check. Bilingual, Spanish-speaking candidates are encouraged to apply.

Coast’s 45,000-square-foot Albion office is designed to accommodate for future expansion. This is the company’s fifth location nationwide with other offices in Geneseo and West Monroe, La.

Those interested in a full-time customer service position with Coast can click here for more information.

About Coast Professional, Inc.

Coast Professional, Inc. is an accounts receivable management and call center company, dedicated to the respectful and ethical communication with consumers. Coast provides professional services to hundreds of campus-based colleges, universities, and government clients.

Coast is a seven-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list for America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies provided by Inc. Magazine and in 2020, was recognized for the fifth time as one of the “Best Places to Work In Collections” by and Best Companies Group.

Since 1976, Coast has worked closely with clients to increase recoveries by assisting consumers in resolving their financial obligations. Coast’s success is exemplified by exceptional recoveries, superior service, and dedication to the highest levels of compliance.

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Medina to host Eden in Class C semi Friday
By Mike Wertman, Sports Writer Posted 5 May 2021 at 11:14 am

Photo by Cheryl Wertman – Medina quarterback Xander Payne and his Mustang teammates will host Eden/North Collins in the semifinals of the Section VI Class C playoffs at 7 p.m. Friday at Vets Park.

Looking to keep the momentum from an undefeated (4-0) C North Division title run, No. 2 seed Medina will host No. 3 Eden/North Collins in the semifinal round of the Section VI Class C football playoffs at 7 p.m. Friday at Vets Park.

The other semifinal will have No. 4 Southwestern taking on C South Division foe Clymer/Sherman/Panama (CSP) at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Clymer.

The two winners will meet in the championship game the following weekend.

Offensively, both Medina and Eden/North Collins have have found the end zone primarily via the air lanes.

Medina quarterback Xander Payne has thrown for 833 yards and 13 touchdowns including five to Tyler Chinn, three to Brian Fry, two to Joe Cecchini and one each to Iverson Poole, Jarin Rhim and Corey Saj. Fry also leads the Mustangs in rushing with 488 yards and four TDs.

Eden/North Collins signal caller CJ Sroda has likewise passed for 820 yards and 11 touchdowns including four to Hunter Stetz, three to Quinn Harrington and two each to Austin Sroda and Trevor Masocco. CJ Sroda also leads the Raiders in rushing with 241 yards and 2 touchdowns and Austin Sroda had picked up 178 yards and one TD.

The Mustangs defensive unit has also proven to be solid having allowed only seven points in four games.

Eden/North Collins won the C Central Division title with a 4-1 record.

The other semi is a matchup of two teams which shared the C South Division title at 4-0 as they  did not meet because of a Covid-19 related pause. CSP earned the top seed for the sectionals by a slender margin of a one point edge in power points over Southwestern 80-79.

It is also a matchup of perennial Southern Tier powers as CSP captured the state Class D championship during both the 2018 and 2019 seasons while Southwestern reached the state Class C semifinals in 2019.

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