Outside-village residents shouldn’t bear brunt of cost for policing villages

Posted 10 November 2017 at 9:46 am


I found the subheadline “Outside-village residents would see about $2 increase in tax rate” to be pretty deceptive when that is really $2/1000 of property value.

That comes to $200 a year for a home costing $100,000, which is a pretty significant tax increase. Especially when it looks like those living in the village will experience a tax reduction of $4 to $6/$1000 after all is factored in.

The question then becomes: where does the majority of crime take place in Orleans County? Statistics show in the village. Yet Orleans County is considering having those outside the village tote the bill for the villages “big tax savings.” That is not right, regardless how you choose to hide it behind the subheadline.

Best regards,

Robert Napierala