Outgoing Gaines Town Supervisor says town has reduced taxes, tackled tough issues

Posted 30 December 2017 at 12:10 pm


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the taxpayers of the town of Gaines, the Board members, elected officials, staff and all the many people I met and worked with. Our attorney, Andrew Meier, was my right-hand man and our accountant, Tim Hungerford, also did a great job.

The Town Board members – Richard DeCarlo Sr., Dave Kast, Jim Kirby, Dr. Mary Neilans, Susan Smith, Doug Syck, and I – accomplished a great deal in the six years we worked together.

• First independent audit in 7 years

• 60 million-gallon water loss discovered

• Discovered the over levying of Water Districts by $205,000 – changed the practice and applied the extra money to the loans on affected districts.

• Paid off water districts 4 and 5 with the surplus

• Lowered tax rate from $4.19 to current rate $3.27

The management of your tax dollars was our focus and making sure we researched for the best opportunity for the least cost. We maintained conservative spending and pared down the size of our government. As time passed, we realized it can be done and we were the proof.

Working with the other town supervisors as mentors, and the mayors and the legislators, we had resources for any and all problems or concerns.  The collective experience in each facet of government provided answers whenever we had a question.  A debt of gratitude to each and every one.

I feel upon leaving office, I learned a great deal about the day to day workings of government and the hard work it takes to accomplish all the Board and myself were able to complete.  I am humbled and honored by the experience.

Thanks so much,

Carol E. Culhane