Ousting of Tennessee legislators shows need to refocus on democracy

Posted 10 April 2023 at 8:09 am


We are again seeing the confluence of forces which resulted in significant social, economic and racial progress in the ’60s.

Tennessee, the home of the KKK, ousted just the two involved Black state legislators due their “temper tantrums” while outside and in the gallery children were begging for their safety – for action.

Morning will come again for these “uppity blacks”.

Democracy solves problems. It does not make them worse by resurrecting hate, racism and shopworn simplistic ideas that derail progress.

The scene on the floor of Tennessee Legislature – shown in real time – was as gripping as the   photos of confrontation at segregated lunch counters in the ’60s of the photos on the bridge showing the great John Lewis being beaten senseless, and photos of blacks left hanging in trees as a warning to all.

The only ones who do not see this do not read history and content themselves to watch TV stations and read sources who pedal propaganda.

Editor, an entire younger generation now also clearly sees the issues. The losers will again win. The shame in Tennessee will not be ignored in the cities, the suburbs or the country. With contraception under attack and voters being suppressed, the majority is being stirred to act – to again focus all on the principles on which democracy is based.

Progress can not be denied.

The Tennessee Three’s ouster was not a solution. it was a call to action for all who love democracy.

Conrad F. Cropsey